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Vol. 26

Articles, Essay, Comments, and Notes



  • Aeyal Gross, Rape by Deception and the Policing of Gender and Nationality Borders 
  • Deborah Lolai“You’re Going To Be Straight or You’re Not Going To Live Here”:  Child Support for LGBT Homeless Youth
  • Josh ScheinertIs Criminalization Criminal?:  Antisodomy Laws and the Crime Against Humanity of Persecution
ESSAY (National LGBT Bar Association Michael Greenberg Writing Competition)
  • Jillian LensonLitigation Primer Attacking State “No Promo Homo” Laws:  Why “Don’t Say Gay” Is Not O.K.
  • Joshua C. AlbrittonIntersexed and Injured:  How M.C. v. Aaronson Breaks Federal Ground in Protecting Intersex Children from Unnecessary Genital-Normalization Surgeries 
  • Emily E. HolleyInternational Anti-LGBT Legislation:  How Nationalistic Cultural Warfare Supports Political Motivations
  •  Adrienne BarnabeeSmithkline Beecham Corp. v. Abbott Laboratories:  The Ninth Circuit Utilizes Heightened Scrutiny To Resolve a Sexual Orientation Equal Protection Claim
  •  Tracy LawKing v. Governor of New Jersey:  Does the First Amendment Allow Counselors To Provide Harmful Therapy to Minors?  





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