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Vol. 22 

Articles, Essay, Comments, and Notes...

  • Adele M. Morrison, It's [Not] a Black Thing:  The Black/Gay Split over Same-Sex Marriage--A Critical [Race] Perspective  
  • Eric D. Yordy, Caught in the Clause:  An Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage Through the Lens of the Establishment Clause  
  • Angela Gilmore, How Amendment 1 (North Carolina's Anti-Marriage Equality Constitutional Amendment) Helped Me Become a Better Law Professor  
  • Govind Persad, What Marriage Law Can from Citizenship Law (and Vice Versa)  
  • Elizabeth Cannon Lesher, Protecting Poly:  Applying the Fourteenth Amendment to the Nonmonogamous  
  • Editha Rosario, Making It Better Now:  Working Toward Substantive Equality for LGBTQ Youth   
  •  ChôNayse Sellers, Adequate Care for a Serious Medical Need: Kosilek v. Spencer Begins the Path Toward Ensuring Inmates Receive Treatment for Gender Dysphoria Parentonline_order_badge.png  



Law & Sexuality Vol. 23 



Senior Editorial Board 

Jessica Wood, Editor in Chief
Ryan Dischinger, Senior Managing Editor
Eliot Thomas, Senior Articles Editor
Andrea James, Senior Business Editor
Bethany VanKampen, Senior Notes & Comments Editor


Junior Members

Joshua Albritton
Spencer Berry
Paige Cobbs
Emily Holley
Anthony Johnson
Lauren Michel
William Travis
Elizabeth Wagner

Want to be a part of Law & Sexuality? 

Membership is open to upperclass law students. Members are chosen through summer and fall writing competitions. The responsibilities of the staff members include editing articles and student work and writing comments and recent developments material on any subjects related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender legal issues.

Please email jwood6@tulane.edu if you would like to know more about Law & Sexuality’s writing competition process.


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