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Write-On Competition

Membership in the Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law is limited to second- and third-year law students who are selected on the basis of their performance during one of the annual writing competitions.  Membership on the TJICL is an absolute two-year commitment for 2L students and a one-year commitment for 3L and LLM students. Moreover, students who accept membership on the TJICL cannot participate in any other Tulane journal due to the time-sensitive work for which Junior Members are responsible. 

Summer Write-On Competition
Most Tulane law students who are interested in joining the Journal compete at the end of their 1L year or 2L year. During this time between 50-100 students are expected to attempt to write-on to the Journal.  Typically, the Editorial Board offers between 20-25 students a place on the Journal. The contest consists of writing a case note on a selected recent international or comparative case.

The writing competition for the summer begins after the April journal competition meeting, typically the day 1L students finish their last final.  Students will usually receive between three weeks and four weeks to complete the case note.  Students interested in competing for membership must first complete and submit a Write On Competition Information Form available through the TLS Intranet.  Once this sheet received,  students will be given the password to the Summer Write On Competition TWEN site where they can find all of the materials for the closed packet competition.  All submissions must be made through the TWEN site .  No email submissions are accepted.

Students who enter the competition will be notified of the results in mid to late June. Those students who are selected to join the Journal must return to Tulane no later than the first day of school to begin work on the first issue of the next volume.

Fall Write-On Competition
Although the format is similar to the Summer Write-On, this competition occurs at the beginning of the school year, and must be managed concomitantly with classroom responsibilities. A smaller number of students both enter and are accepted during this competition.  Typically, the TJICL expects to take on another 5-10 students, depending on the number of students accepted during the Summer Write On Competition.

As opposed to the summer contest, where students have approximately a month to complete their case note, fall write-ons generally have two weeks. Although these members join the Journal later than the summer write-on students, they have the same workloads and responsibilities.

Any 2L, 3L, LLM, or transfer student participating in the Fall Write On Competition can use either the TJICL or Law Review packet..




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