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The Sports Lawyers Journal
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 Faculty Contact:  
Professor Gabe Feldman
tel  504.865.5948

Media Manager: 
Kristy Christiansen
tel  504.862.8839



 About Us

Tulane University Law School offers students the unique opportunity to specialize in Sports Law during their legal education. Perhaps this devotion to the industry is why, when the Sports Lawyers Association decided to publish an annual legal journal, it chose Tulane law students to produce and edit it.

History of the Journal

The Sports Lawyers Journal is a national legal journal edited by Tulane law students and published by the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA). Every member of the SLA, currently over 1000 practicing lawyers, professors, law students, and other professionals, receives the publication annually. Since the Journal is composed of articles authored by American, Canadian, and European law students, it provides a unique view of sports issues and an unparalleled opportunity for students to have their works published and read!

First published in 1993, the Journal has enjoyed impressive success as the most widely read legal sports journal in the country. Under the guidance of Professor Gabe Feldman, Tulane law students are selected for staff membership each year based on their performance in a writing competition open to second-year and third-year students.

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