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Volume 86  



Issue One: November 2011 


  • Transnational Class Actions and the Illusory Search for Res Judicata, Tanya J. Monestier (Lead Article)   
  • Unnatural Resource Law:  Situating Desalination in Coastal Resource and Water Law Doctrines, Michael Pappas   
  • False Efficiency and Missed Opportunities in Law and Economics, Shawn J. Bayern   
  • Essay: Legal Realism, Innate Morality, and the Structural Role of the Supreme Court in the U.S. Constitutional DemocracyKarl S. Coplan     
  • Comment, Emergence of a Deportation Gideon?: The Impact of Padilla v. Kentucky on Right to Counsel, Duncan Fulton     
  • Comment, Is It Really That Simple?: Circuits Split over Reasonable Suspicion Requirement for Visual Body-Cavity Searches of Arrestees, Camille E. Gauthier    



Issue Two: December 2011 


  • Breaking the Grip of the Administrative Triad: Agency Policymaking Under a Necessity-Based Doctrine, Michael Ray Harris (Lead Article)    
  • Juvenile Criminal Responsibility: Can Malice Supply the Want of Years?, Craig Lerner    
  • Documentary Disenfranchisement, Jessie Allen    
  • Comment, The Illusion of Amateurism: A Climate of Tortious Interference in the World of Amateur Sports, Craig D. Alfred    
  • Comment, I'll Believe It When I "C" It: Rethinking § 501(c)(3)'s Prohibition on Politicking, Jennifer Rigterink   



Issue Three: February 2012 


  • Many-to-Many Contracts, Heidi S. Bond  (Lead Article) 
  • Which the Deader Hand? A Counter to the American Law Institute's Proposed Revival of Dying Perpetuities Rules, Scott Andrew Shepard   
  • Rethinking the Harmonization of Jurisdictional Rules, Simona Grossi    
  • Devil Inside the Deal: An Examination of Louisiana Noncompete Agreements in Business Acquisitions, Albert O. "Chip" Saulsbury, IV   
  • Comment, The Usufruct Provisions: The Power to Dispose of Nonconsumables Now Expressly Includes Alienation, Lease, and Encumbrance; Has the Legislature Fundamentally Altered the Nature of the Usufruct?, Adam Matasar    
  •  Comment, Louisiana's Mono Lake: The Public Trust Doctrine and Oil Company Liability for Louisiana's Vanishing Wetlands, Samuel Brandao   


Issue Four: March 2012 (Symposium Issue) 


  • Brady v. NFL and Anthony v. NBA:  The Shifting Dynamics in Labor-Management Relations in Professional Sports, Gabriel Feldman    
  •  The Narcotic Effect of Antitrust Law in Professional Sports:  How the Sherman Act Subverts Collective Bargaining, Michael H. LeRoy   
  • From Dallas Cap to American Needle and Beyond:  Antitrust Law's Limited Capacity To Stitch Consumer Harm from Professional Sports Club Trademark Monopolies, Matthew J. Mitten    
  • Radical Reform of Intercollegiate Athletics:  Antitrust, Title IX, and Public Policy Implications, Stephen F. Ross    
  • The Case for Reviving the Four-Year Deal,  Ray Yasser 


Issue Five:  May 2012     

  • Bailouts and the Potential for Distortion of Federal Criminal Law:  Industrial Espionage and Beyond, Robert E. Wagner (Lead Article)    
  •  Maritime Piracy and the Impunity Gap:  Insufficient National Laws or a Lack of Political Will?, Yvonne M. Dutton   
  • The Boundary Claim's Caveat:  Lawyers and Confidentiality Exceptionalism, Rebecca Aviel    
  • Maturing Patent Theory from Industrial Policy to Intellectual Property, Oskar Liivak 


Issue Six: June 2012  

  • Hiding Behind the Cloak of Invisibility:  The Supreme Court and Per Curiam Opinions, Ira P. Robbins (Lead Article)     
  •  Capitalism, Liberalism, and the Right to Privacy, Ofer Raban   
  • Advisory Adjudication, Girardeau A. Spann    
  •  Note, In re Katrina Canal Breaches Litigation:  Upholding Freedom of ContractErin Bambrick     
  • Note, With Adar v. Smith, the Fifth Circuit Opens a Hole in the Full Faith and Credit ClauseCassie Hewlings     
  • Note, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin:  The Fifth Circuit Questions Judicial Deference to Race-Conscious Admissions Policies in Higher Education, Katie McNearney   
  • Note, The Louisiana Supreme Court Affirms Health Care Providers' Freedom To Contract for Below-Schedule Reimbursement Rates in Agilus Health v. Accor Lodging North America, Kara McQueen-Borden    
  • Note, Gulf Coast v. Newlin:  Reaffirming the Fundamental Notions of Admiralty Jurisdiction, Sydney Roth    


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