Tulane Law School



 Volume 16   




"iPatent":  Errors in the Patent Invalidation Standards in Apple v. Samsung, Daniel Bruce Blackburn

You May Reap What You Sow, but Only Once: How One Farmer’s Alleged Loophole May Alter the Scope of the Doctrine of Exhaustion in Monsanto v. Bowman, Brooke M. Bacuetes

Maker’s Mark v. Diageo:How Jose Cuervo Made Its Markwith the Infamous Dripping Red Wax Seal, Jillian Beth Bargar

Are "Limited Times" Truly Limited?:The Supreme Court Rules Removing Works from the Public Domain Is Lawful in Golan v. Holder, Lauren Peralta




Volume 15  


A Good Idea at the Time: Recent Digital Millennium Copyright Act § 512(c) Safe Harbor Jurisprudence--Analysis and Critique of Current Applications and Implications; Martin B. Robins. 

Patent Choke Points in the Influenza-Related Medicines Industry: Can Patent Pools Provide Balanced Access?; Dana Beldiman. 

Patent Claim Construction of Enantiomers; John J. Cahill, Jr. 

Using the Copyright Act to Protect Cultural Properties: Copyright Protection of Mardi Gras Indian Suits; Ashlye M. Keaton. 

Federalizing Pre-1972 Sound Recordings: An Analysis of the Current Debate; Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Erin Anapol. 



Used iTunes: The Legality of ReDigi's Model for a Second-Hand Digital Music Store; Adrienne Clare Barbour. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Copyright Law: Fan Fiction, Derivative Works, and the Fair Use Doctrine; Michelle Chatelain. 

How Internet Users' Identities Are Being Tracked and Used; Alexandra Drury. 

"Unfriending" the Internet: U.S. Government Domain Seizures and a Democratic Web; Guy W.C. Huber. 

Looks Can Be Deceiving: Aesthetic Functionality in Louboutin and Beyond; Alexandra J. Schultz. 




In re K-Dur Antitrust Litigation--Reverse Payments: Against Prices, Purchasers, and Policy; Meredith Bateman. 

Focusing on the Facts: Rosetta Stone, Ltd. v. Google, Inc., Narrows Trademark Decisions to the Specifics; Melinda Schlinsog. 

Big Foot, Big Brother . . . and a Big Step Backwards for Your Fourth Amendment Rights?: The Sixth Circuit Approves Warrentless Cell Phone Tracking in United States v. Skinner; Alessandra Suuberg 



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