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For nearly twenty years, the Tulane Environmental Law Journal has enjoyed extensive readership across the world by legal practitioners, scholars, policymakers, and members of the scientific and business communities.  We are committed to providing our readers with thoughtful and engaging articles that cover a wide range of environmental law topics by the field's leading scholars and practitioners.  Our recent issues have featured diverse topics stretching from a series of articles analyzing the past and future of CERCLA litigation to an investigation of the  legal underpinnings of the modern land reform movement in Latin America to a discussion of the political and legal climate in Louisiana leading up to Hurricane Katrina and the decisions and decisions that need to be made following the devastating storm.

New Subscriptions

The TELJ is published twice per year.

Annual Subscriptions Rates:
$20.00 (Domestic)
$25.00 (International)

Please note that subscriptions are automatically renewed each year unless the subscriber provides timely notice of cancellation.

To request a new subscription, please contact Nicholas Foster at:

Tulane Environmental Law Journal
Attn: Samantha Foster, Business Director
6329 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Telephone: 504.865.5969
Facsimile: 504.862.8858


Subscribers are billed annually.  

Change of Address

Subscription holders should notify the TELJ of address changes. To ensure that you receive your subscription at the correct address, please make your request for an address changes at least one month before the next publication date, preferably no later than October or February.  Please remember to include a zip code when providing a new address.

Address changes should be directed to the Tulane Law Journals Business Manager:

Tulane Environmental Law Journal
Attn: Samantha Foster, Business Manager
6329 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Telephone: 504.865.5969
Facsimile: 504.862.8858
Email: lawjournals@tulane.edu 

Obtaining Back Issues

Electronic copies of articles published in the TELJ may be accessed through on an online subscription to either Westlaw or LexisNexis.

LexisNexis: http://www.lexisnexis.com/
Westlaw: http://www.westlaw.com/

Older issues of the TELJ may also be purchased by contacting our back issue supplier:

William Hein Subscription Company
2350 North Forest Rd.
Getzville, New York 14068
Telephone: 800.828.7571
Facsimile: 716.883.8100
Email: mail@wshein.com


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