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Martin J. Davies

Admiralty Law Institute Professor of Maritime Law and Director, Maritime Law Center
BA with first class honours, 1978, BCL with first class honours, 1979, MA, 1983, University of Oxford; LLM, 1980, Harvard University

E-mail:  mdavies@tulane.edu
Telephone: 504.862.8824
Office:  Weinmann Hall, Room 255-F

Martin Davies is an international authority on admiralty law who has taught in Australia, England, Singapore and Italy as well as the United States.

He joined the Tulane Law School faculty in 2000 after a visiting appointment in 1999. He previously taught at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he was Harrison Moore Professor of Law.

Davies, who has been a professional actor, also has worked as a consultant for maritime law firms for 30 years and is presently engaged by an international law firm with a maritime law practice in many countries. He serves on the Editorial Board of Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly and the Melbourne Journal of International Law. In addition to admiralty, he teaches in the areas of international sale of goods and torts. And he has written (or co-written) books on maritime law, international trade law, international sale of goods and torts.

He received the Felix Frankfurter Distinguished Teaching Award from the Tulane Law School graduating class in 2003 and 2011. He was chosen for a Tulane University President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2012.

Professor Davies' CV

Fall 2016 - Contracts; International Business Transactions: International Sale of Goods
Spring 2017 - Admiralty II; Transnational Litigation

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