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Cynthia Ann Samuel

W.R. Irby Chair Emerita, BA, LLB

BA, 1969, Louisiana State University; JD, 1972, Tulane University

E-mail:  csamuel@tulane.edu


Professor Samuel practiced law with a leading New Orleans law firm before returning to Tulane to teach. Her interests include civil law subjects related to family wealth (community property, successions, donations, and trusts) and intellectual property. From July 1984 through June 1987 she was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She has served as an adviser to the Louisiana legislature on community property reform. A lecturer at various seminars on divorce and estate planning, a member of the American Law Institute and the Council of the Louisiana State Law Institute, and an academic fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, she is co-author of Community Property in the United States.

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Fixing What's Broke: Amending ERISA to Allow Community Property to Apply upon the Death of the Participant's Spouse (with K. Spaht), 35 FAM. L. Q. 425 (2001)
A Remembrance: Geoffrey Brice, 25 TUL. MAR. L. J. vii (2000)
The 1997 Successions and Donations Revision - A Critique in Honor of A.N. Yiannopoulos, 73 TUL. L. REV. 1041 (1999)
Letter from Louisiana: An Obituary for Forced Heirship and a Birth Announcement for Covenant Marriage, 12 TUL. EUR. & CIV. L.F. 183 (1997)
Restoration of the Separate Estate from Community Property After the Equal Management Reform: Some Thoughts on Louisiana's Reimbursement Rules, 56 LAW & CONTEMP. PROBS. 273 (1993)
The New Forced Heirship Legislation: A Regrettable "Revolution" (with Spaht, Lorio, Picou, and Swaim), 50 LA. L.REV. 409 (1990)
Fairness in Community Property Settlements: Louisiana's Law of Lesion, 15 COMM. PROP. J. 74 (1989)
Louisiana's Offense Against Intellectual Property: What Exactly Is the Offense and Is It Preempted by the United States Copyright Law?, 37 LA. BAR J. 157 (1989)
Developments in the Law, 1987-88: Successions and Donations, 49 LA. L. REV. 517 (1988)
Successions and Donations: What Has Become of Forced Heirship? (with K. Spaht and M. Shaw), 45 LA. L. REV. 575 (1984)
The 1981 Regular Legislative Session: Successions, Donations, Matrimonial Regimes, and Family Law, 29 LA. B. J. 115 (1981)
Equal Management Revisited: 1979 Legislative Modifications of the 1978 Matrimonial Regimes Law (with Spaht), 40 LA. L. REV. 83 (1979)
The Retroactivity Provisions of Louisiana's Equal Management Law: Interpretation and Constitutionality, 39 LA. L. REV. 347 (1979)
Antitrust - Franchisor's Standing to Bring Treble-Damages Action, 45 TUL. L. REV. 1031 (1971)
Eminent Domain Versus Louisiana Civil Code Article 667 - Measure of Recovery Where Damage Is Caused by Activity on Neighboring Land, 45 TUL. L. REV. 416 (1971)

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