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Having One's Property and Eating It Too: When the Article 9 Security Interest Becomes a Nuisance (co-authored), 86 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 373 (2006)
Principles of Preclusion and Estoppel in Bankruptcy Cases (co-authored), 79 AMERICAN BANKRUPTCY LAW JOURNAL 839 (2006)
The Dubious Role of Precedent in the Quest for First Principles in the Reform of the Bankruptcy Code: Some Lessons from the Civil Law and Realist Traditions, 74 AM. BANKR. L. J. 201 (2000)
Exemption Impairing Liens Under Bankruptcy Code Section 522(f): One Step Forward and One Step Back, 70 U. COLO. L. REV. 1 (1999)
The Immovable Object Versus the Irresistible Force: Rethinking the Relationship Between Secured Credit and Bankruptcy Policy (co-authored), 95 U. MICH. L. REV. 2234 (1997)
Desperate Times and Desperate Measures: The Troubled State of the Ordinary Course of Business Defense - And What to Do About It (co-authored), 71 U. WASH. L. REV. 5 (1997)
Exemption Limitations: A Tale of Two Solutions, 71 AM. BANKR. L.J. 221 (1997)
Vicarious Thrills: The Case for Application of Agency Rules in Bankruptcy Dischargeability Litigation, 70 TUL. L. REV. 2515 (1996)
Construction Claims in Bankruptcy: Making the Best of a Bad Situation, 11 BANKR. DEV. J. 343; reprinted in THE LAW OF DISTRESSED REAL ESTATE (West Group 2001) (1995)
Debtors Who Convert Their Assets on the Eve of Bankruptcy: Villains or Victims of the Fresh Start (co-authored), 70 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 235 (1995)
Now You See It, Now You Don't: An Unceremonius Encore for Two-Transfer Thinking in the Analysis of Indirect Preferences, 69 AM. BANKR. L.J. 203 (1995)
Enlarging the Bargaining Table: Some Implications of the Corporate Stakeholder Model for Federal Bankruptcy Proceedings (Bankruptcy Reform Symposium), 23 CAP. U. L. REV. 441 (1994)
Evil Intentions and the Irresolute Endorsement for Scientific Rationalism: Bankruptcy Preferences One More Time, 1993 WIS. L. REV. 1439 (1993)
The Limits of Good Faith Analyses: Unraveling and Redefining Bad Faith in Involuntary Bankruptcy Proceedings, 71 NEB. L. REV. 209 (1992)
The Implied Good Faith Filing Requirement: Sentinel of an Evolving Bankruptcy Policy (co-authored), 85 NW. U. L. REV.919 (1991), reprinted in Charles Tabb, BANKRUPTCY ANTHOLOGY (Anderson Publications 2001)
Involuntary Bankruptcy and the Bona Fides of a Bona Fide Dispute, 65 IND. L.J. 315 (1990)

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