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Claire Moore Dickerson

Senator John Breaux Chair Emerita, BA, LLB

AB, magna cum laude, 1971, Wellesley College; JD, 1974, Columbia University; LLM in Taxation, 1981, New York University

E-mail:  claire.dickerson@tulane.edu
Telephone:  504.862.8826
Office:  Weinmann Hall, Room 255-A



Claire Moore Dickerson is also permanent visiting professor at the University of Buea in Cameroon.  She came to Tulane from the Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, New Jersey, where she was Professor of Law, Dickson Scholar, Schuchman Fellow, co-director of Rutgers’s Global Legal Studies program, and, later, the holder of the Visiting Lowenstein Chair.
Commended world-wide for her distinguished scholarly and teaching activity in fields such as business associations, contracts, comparative law, and international business transactions, Professor Dickerson is also noted for her focus on the intersection between commerce and human rights.
As a student at Columbia Law School, Professor Dickerson was a Stone Scholar.  From law school, she went to the international law firm of Coudert Brothers in New York.  Following 12 years and partnership there, she became partner of, and later counsel to, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, a Philadelphia-based firm.  In 1986, Professor Dickerson began her teaching career at St. John's University School of Law.
Professor Dickerson's scholarship has applied socioeconomic principles to business-related areas of law, with a particular focus on standards of performance.  Her research interests have taken her to Africa, principally Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, and she has presented her work both overseas and at home. Active in several professional legal organizations, including the Law & Society Association and the American Society of International Law, Professor Dickerson has served on the executive committee of the socioeconomic section of the Association of American Law Schools. 

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Promises of Future Performance and Informal-Sector Transfers of Personal Property: The Example of Anglophone Cameroon (forthcoming: ACTA JURIDICA 201­2)

OHADA’s Proposed Uniform Act on Contract Law: Formal Law for the Informal Sector, 13:3-4 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF LAW REFORM 462 (2011)

Informal-Sector Entrepreneurs and Formal Law: A Functional Understanding of Business Law, 59 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW 179 (2011)

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The Future of Law and Development: Flying Under the Radar (Symposium keynote), 35 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW & COMMERCIAL REGULATION 555 (2010)

OHADA on the Ground: Harmonizing Business Laws in Three Dimensions, 25 TULANE EUROPEAN & CIVIL LAW FORUM 103 (2010)

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Sex and Capital: What They Tell Us About Ourselves, Symposium on People of Color, Women and the Public Corporation, 79 ST. JOHN’S LAW REVIEW 1161 (2005)
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Human Rights: The Emerging Norm of Corporate Responsibility, 76 TULANE L. REV. 1431 (2002)
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Interested Directors of New York Corporations and the Burden of Proof, 1988 COLUM. BUS. L. REV. 91

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Director of Communications
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