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Information about the Directors of each of our clinics can be found under Full-Time Faculty, as they are in most cases tenure-track faculty members who teach and write in addition to supervising the clinical programs.  The individuals listed here as Clinical Faculty & Staff include attorneys who assist in the supervision of students and in the handling of the caseload of each clinic and, in the case of the Environmental Law Clinic, work with community groups.

Clinical Faculty 

Name Contact Information

FacultyLucia Blacksher 

Professor of the Practice, Civil Litigation Clinic

Email: lblacksh@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.862.8892
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-R

FacultyElizabeth Grace Livingston de Calderón 

Clinical Instructor, Environmental Law Clinic

Email: ecaldero@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.862.8819
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-I

FacultyMachelle Lee Hall 

Clinical Instructor, Environmental Law Clinic

Email: mhall9@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.865.5789
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-A

FacultyJane Johnson 

Director of Experiential Learning

Email: jjohnso5@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.865.5157
Office: Weinmann Hall, 216-A

FacultyLisa Lavie Jordan 

Deputy Director, Environmental Law Clinic

Email: lwjordan@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.314.2481
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-T

FacultyBecki T. Kondkar 

Professor of the Practice and Director, Domestic Violence Clinic

Email: bkondkar@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.865.5154
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-O

FacultyKatherine Maris Mattes 

Professor of the Practice and Director, Criminal Litigation Clinic

Email: kmattes@tulane.edu 
Phone: 504.865.5155
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-P

FacultySheila Myers 

Clinical Instructor, Criminal Litigation Clinic

Email: smyers@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.862.8861
Office: Weinmann Hall, Room 130-F

Corinne Van DalenCorinne Van Dalen 

Clinical Instructor, Environmental Law Clinic

Email: cvandale@tulane.edu
Phone: 504.862.8818
Office: Weinmann Hall, 130-D

For media inquiries, contact:
Linda P. Campbell
Director of Communications
tel 504.865.5976

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