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About the Tulane Center for Intellectual Property and Culture 

In the Spring 2009, the Tulane Law School faculty approved the creation of the Tulane Center for Intellectual Property Law and Culture (IPLC).

The mission of the Tulane Center for Intellectual Property Law and Culture is to promote the study, research, teaching and applications to practice of the intersections of intellectual property law with culture and political economy within a comparative, international and local context.

The IPLC provides an "umbrella" that will bring all our IP-related activities together so that each activity may have a greater impact because of its sponsorship by the Center. The Center intends to take a flexible approach in defining its subject matter, and its projects would focus, whenever possible, on the intersections and relationships between culture, political economy and intellectual property law within a national, international, comparative and local context.

We also see the Center as bringing in faculty whose work is related to intellectual property– first amendment, criminal law, environmental law, to name just a few. We additionally would want to further develop the civil law/common law strain of intellectual property law, particularly as the main treaties of IP law were developed from a civil law perspective. And of course, we want to bring scholars, practioners, and users of cultural works together.

Focus of the Center 

The focus of the Center is as follows:

  • Bridging the Gap between theory/research and practice with concrete student-involving projects
  • Addressing Local Problems within a Global Context.  A scholar, a documentary film maker, a musician, an artist—these individuals do not start out thinking that the use of a film clip will require knowledge of treaties or choice-of law-questions, but in the age of the Internet, the local quickly becomes global.
  • Creating Community.  We also see the Center as a way to bring together our students, adjunct teachers, local attorneys, alumni, IP-focused faculty at other law schools, and members of the IP industries and local cultural communities.  We would like to create a space (both physically and virtually) where myriad voices are drawn to discuss the contemporary issues of the day that relate to the creation and use of culture within a legal context.  
  • Developing International, Comparative and Local Perspectives, because intellectual property is almost always quickly international, comparative and local at this point.  
  • Interdisciplinary - Culture and Political Economy. Intellectual Property law lives within, influences, and reflects culture within our current political economy.
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