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Durationator Reviewed

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/tlscenters/iplc/images/durationator_sm.pngRadio show “Hearsay Culture” (KZSU-FM, Stanford) had an opportunity to interview William Patry- author, scholar, and Senior Chief Counsel at Google, Inc. Here’s what he had to say about the Durationator™

"I’ve also seen a demonstration of Elizabeth’s Durationator, which I think is a fantastic product and I encourage everyone to use it. In essence what they have done at Tulane is magical and it’s magical because it provides people with data to determine when a work is in the public domain; and that’s an important step because you don’t want to use a work that’s still under copyright- but you do want to use a work that’s not- and figuring out when it is under copyright and when it isn’t is an incredibly difficult task, because it can’t be limited to the United States… and even limiting it to the United States, there are a host of particular problems that you would face… so I think the Tulane project is a pathbreaking one, and I certainly hope everyone utilizes it."

- William Patry (Author, Patry on Copyright; Senior Chief Counsel, Google, Inc.) Interview in Hearsay Culture #100)

The complete interview can be heard here, in “Show #100.” Note that IPLC co-director Elizabeth Townsend Gard was also interviewed about the Durationator™ in Show #99.


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