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How Safe, How Soon Project 

"How Safe, How Soon" is a collaborative effort of communities, regional and national non-profits, academic institutions, technical experts, and philanthropy focused on creating safer and more resilient Southern Louisiana. Because, at least in the short term, increased resiliency will only come from community-identified solutions and protection efforts, the project is focused on three different communities: the Lower 9th WardCarrollton/Hollygrove neighborhoods of New Orleans and the bayou communities of the Terrebonne and Lafourche region, particularly those with significant connections to the United Houma Nation. These communities are economically, culturally, and geographically distinct and diverse, but all recognize the importance of rebuilding within the context, challenges, and constraints of the physical and engineered landscape of Southern Louisiana.

As intended, the project has responded to the diverse needs in each of the three communities.  Various projects resulted, including supporting a collaborative effort focused on storm water management through landscaping, developing hurricane response distribution plans and evacuation planning memorandum of understanding between organizations, creating a case management system and procedures so that UHN can access funds held by the Parish’s “Unmet Rebuilding Needs” committee, organizing education workshops on coastal wetland erosion, and creating a website and blog focused on options for hazard mitigation.   A sampling of the other projects implemented in each of the three neighborhoods are described below.

Water Law Blog 


  • Emergency preparedness and return
  • Long Term community resilience
  • Place of Retreat
  • Place of return
  • Resilient homes
  • Risk Analysis
  • Fund raising

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