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TU Water Institute Releases RESTORE Act White Paper

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 The Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy has released a White Paper looking at how the RESTORE Act will work and its implications on the ecosystems and communities of the Gulf.  The paper, “Promise, Purpose, and Challenge:  Putting the RESTORE Act into Context for the Communities and Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico”, is aimed at improving the public’s understanding about the Act and how it will work. 


The RESTORE Act was enacted by Congress in 2012 and redirects ta portion of the Clean Water Act administrative and civil penalties flowing from the Deep Water Horizon disaster to the Gulf Coast for ecologic restoration, economic sustainability, and the encouragement of Gulf oriented science.  

According to Institute Director Mark Davis, “The RESTORE Act is an unprecedented redirection of Clean Water Act penalties and like most unprecedented things comes with limitations, questions, and new responsibilities. The Act can help make many good things happen but there are many needs it won’t touch.  It will take concerted effort and meaningful public engagement to deliver on the promise of this Act.  While no one wants future spills, history teaches that we will have them.  Whether future Clean Water Act dollars will go to improving the areas impacted by those spills will turn largely on whether the RESTORE Act is an experiment the country thinks was a success.”


The report is available here: Promise, Purpose, and Challenge: Putting the RESTORE Act into Context for the Communities and Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico 

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