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Prospective Students

Representatives of the Tulane Law School Office of Admission attend recruiting events throughout the United States and, on occasion, Canada and abroad. Our recruiting schedule is updated each August with upcoming recruiting events. 

Recruiting Events: Summer & Fall 2015

Event  Date  City  State  Attending Representative 
LSAC Washington DC Forum 7/25 Washington DC Carol O'Hea
University of Kansas Law Fair 9/9 Lawrence KS Carol O'Hea
MINK Law Day 9/10 Overland Park KS Carol O'Hea
SAPLA Conference Law Fair 9/11 Richmond VA Emily Wojna
Rio de Janiero LLM Fair 9/14 Rio de Janiero Brazil David Weinberg
University of Mississippi Graduate School Fair 9/14 Oxford MS Carol O'Hea
Sao Paolo LLM Fair 9/15 Sao Paolo Brazil David Weinberg
Millsaps College Law Fair 9/16 Jackson MS Emily Wojna
Bogota LLM Fair 9/17 Bogota Colombia David Weinberg
Jackson State University Graduate & Professional Fair 9/17 Jackson MS Emily Wojna
Lima LLM Fair 9/21 Lima Peru David Weinberg
Santiago LLM Fair 9/22 Santiago Chile David Weinberg
Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Graduate & Professional School Fair 9/22 Harrisonburg VA Carol O'Hea
University of Virginia Professional and Graduate School Fair 9/23 Charlottesville VA Carol O'Hea
Stetson University Law Fair (part of Florida Caravan) 9/23 DeLand FL Emily Wojna
University of Tampa Law Fair (part of Florida Caravan) 9/24 Tampa FL Emily Wojna
William & Mary Graduate & Professional School Fair 9/24 Williamsburg VA Carol O'Hea
LSAC Miami Forum 9/26 Miami FL Emily Wojna
Greater Western New York Law School Fair 9/28 Buffalo NY Emily Wojna
Greater Rochester Law School Night 9/28 Rochester NY Emily Wojna
Cornell University Law School Day 9/29 Ithaca NY Emily Wojna
Ithaca College Graduate & Professional School Fair 9/29 Ithaca NY Emily Wojna
Washington DC Law School Fair 9/30 Washington DC David Weinberg
Binghamton University Law Day 9/30 Binghamton NY Emily Wojna
Upstate New York Law School Day at Syracuse University 10/1 Syracuse NY Emily Wojna
Colby College Law School Fair 10/5 Waterville ME David Weinberg
University of Wisconsin Law Fair 10/5 Madison WI Emily Wojna
University of Illinois Law Fair 10/6 Urbana IL Emily Wojna
Bowdoin College Law School Fair 10/6 Brunswick ME David Weinberg
Bates College Law School Fair 10/6 Lewiston ME David Weinberg
Vanderbilt Law School Fair 10/6 Nashville TN Carol O'Hea
Dartmouth Graduate & Professional School Fair 10/7 Hanover NH David Weinberg
Washington University Law Fair 10/7 St. Louis MO Emily Wojna
Indiana University Law Fair 10/8 Bloomington IN Emily Wojna
University of Southern California Law Fair 10/9 Los Angeles CA Heather Marinaro
University of California- Los Angeles Law Forum 10/9 Los Angeles CA Heather Marinaro
LSAC Los Angeles Forum 10/10 Los Angeles CA Heather Marinaro
Florida State University Graduate & Professional School Fair 10/12 Tallahassee FL Emily Wojna
Johns Hopkins University Law School Panel 10/12 Baltimore MD Carol O'Hea
Florida A&M University Law Day 10/13 Tallahassee FL Emily Wojna
Baltimore Regional Law Fair 10/13 Baltimore MD Carol O'Hea
University of Maryland Law Fair 10/13 College Park MD Carol O'Hea
University of Delaware Law School Fair 10/14 Newark DE Carol O'Hea
Philadelphia Law School Fair 10/14 Philadelphia PA Carol O'Hea
University of Florida Graduate & Professional Schools Fair 10/15 Gainesville FL Emily Wojna
Ohio State University Law School Fair 10/15 Columbus OH David Weinberg
LSAC New York Forum 10/16 & 10/17 New York NY David Weinberg
New York Forum LLM Fair 10/17 New York NY Heather Marinaro
Arizona State University Law School Fair 10/19 Tempe AZ Emily Wojna
LSAC Houston Forum 10/19 Houston TX Heather Marinaro
University of Arizona Law School Fair 10/20 Tucson AZ Emily Wojna
Penn State Graduate & Professional School Day 10/20 State College PA David Weinberg
University of Michigan Law Day 10/21 Ann Arbor MI David Weinberg
University of Utah Law School Fair 10/21 Salt Lake City UT Emily Wojna
Louisiana State University Law School Fair 10/21 Baton Rouge LA Heather Marinaro
Morehouse College Law School Forum 10/22 Atlanta GA Carol O'Hea
Emory University Law Networking Night 10/22 Atlanta GA Carol O'Hea
Xavier University Graduate Fair 10/22 New Orleans LA Heather Marinaro
Brigham Young University Law School Fair 10/22 Provo UT Emily Wojna
Dillard University Graduate & Professional School Fair 10/23 New Orleans LA Heather Marinaro
University of Colorado Law School Fair 10/23 Boulder CO Emily Wojna
LSAC Atlanta Forum 10/23 Atlanta GA Carol O'Hea
PRLDEF Law Day 10/24 New York NY Carol O'Hea
University of Georgia Law School Fair 10/26 Athens GA David Weinberg
Southern University New Orleans Graduate & Professional Schools Program 10/26 New Orleans LA Heather Marinaro
Atlanta University Center (AUC) Consortium Law School Fair 10/26 Atlanta GA David Weinberg
Georgetown University Law School Panel 10/28 Washington DC Emily Wojna
Greater Pittsburgh Law Fair 10/28 Pittsburgh PA David Weinberg
LSAC Boston Forum 10/29 Boston MA David Weinberg
Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference at Howard University 10/30 Washington DC Emily Wojna
North Carolina State University Law School Fair 11/3 Raleigh NC Carol O'Hea
McGill Graduate & Professional Schools Fair (AUS) 11/3 Montreal QC David Weinberg
Texas A&M University Law School Fair 11/3 College Station TX Emily Wojna
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School Fair 11/4 Chapel Hill NC Carol O'Hea
Texas State University- San Marcos Law School Fair 11/4 San Marcos TX Emily Wojna
Greater Charlotte Law Fair 11/5 Davidson NC Carol O'Hea
University of Texas at Austin Law School Fair 11/5 Austin TX Emily Wojna
Baylor University Law School Fair 11/5 Waco TX Emily Wojna
LSAC Chicago Forum 11/7 Chicago IL David Weinberg
Portland State University Law School Fair 11/7 Portland OR Carol O'Hea
Notre Dame Law Fair 11/9 South Bend IN David Weinberg
University of Oregon Law School Fair 11/9 Portland OR Carol O'Hea
University of California- Davis Law School Fair 11/10 Davis CA Emily Wojna
Western Washington University Law Fair 11/10 Bellingham WA Carol O'Hea
Santa Clara University Law School Fair 11/11 Santa Clara CA Emily Wojna
LSAC Bay Area Forum 11/12 San Francisco CA Emily Wojna
University of Washington Law School Fair 11/12 Seattle WA Carol O'Hea


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