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Student Reviews
Siena Students 1
Program Recommendations

"I think the overall understanding and involvement of the professors in the program within Cultural Heritage and the Law was extremely useful. They were actually interested and enthusiastic about what they were teaching. I think that this course serves as a very good introductory approach into art and the law, which is generally unattainable in regular legal studies."

"I seized the opportunity and participated in the Siena program; an experience that was not only unforgettable (and really fun), but promoted my growth as a student and a lawyer immeasurably...the Siena program touches on much more than just law. Its emphasis on ethical issues that arise in the realm of cultural protections enables students to consider the relationship between law and ethics, i.e. the ethical ramifications of judicial decisions and legislation (as well as museum practices)—a subject that is crucially important and yet somewhat glossed-over in traditional law school courses. Finally, Siena affords students the opportunity to see and experience firsthand the subject of so much international attention and protection: the art itself... In sum, the program as a whole is fabulous—the professors, the subject matter, and the location work in concert to create for students a fun, mind-expanding experience. And I haven’t even begun to talk about the food or wine."

"I think the courses give a great outline of issues of art that would allow us to really pursue internships in the field with a leg up on other applicants."

(Siena Students, 2012)

"I learned about a subject-area I was completely unfamiliar with... Siena was the perfect city for this experience.”

“I think I gained a more well-rounded perspective on international law, art, culture, and history... this added to my personal appreciation of cultural heritage/diversity.”

(Siena Students, 2011)

Comments on the Courses Offered and Instructors

"My first real exposure to the topics and I gained a broad understanding of all the elements at play. Also, I benefited from meeting and establishing relationships with experts in the field that I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise."

(Siena Students, 2016)

"I was most impressed by the faculty. Our professors are at the tops of their fields, yet presented the material in comprehensible formats, that did not feel dumbed down."

"The topic is profoundly interesting, and the various perspectives students received from the professors - US and Italian - were of great interest and value."

(Siena Students, 2014)

"I received a great introduction to subjects with which I had little familiarity. The caliber of instructors was unbelievably rich and exceptional."

(Siena Student, 2013)

Siena Students 2

 “Participating in the symposium was an excellent experience. The location in Siena was the best part of the program and the professors really were wonderful."

(Siena Student, 2011)

"I would absolutely recommend this program to others. It was exceptionally well put together, crafted and taught. I feel very privileged to have been able to learn about art law at THIS program. It is a great opportunity to deal with a topic that essentially affects development of culture and civilization. It provides the opportunity to look at various subjects from different perspectives."

(Siena Student, 2009)

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