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Enrollment & Housing

Rio is one of the most attractive Summer Abroad Programs. Please apply early to ensure your place in the program.


To reserve housing, select the housing type you desire on our Summer Abroad Application. Housing costs will be billed through Tulane's Accounts Receivable Office along with tuition. Your housing reservation will be complete once we have received your application and deposit.

In Rio de Janeiro, accommodations will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing will be offered by the program at the Edificio Jucati, a budget hotel. The Edifício Jucati has 55 large apartments (about 45m2 or 485 ft2). Each apartment has two bedrooms (although one is a walkthrough), a bathroom and a basic kitchen. The apartments, when shared, are semi-private (meaning, for example, that where two students share an apartment, there is a front room and a back room and the back room is accessed only by walking through the front room.) All apartments have refrigerator, stove, telephone, ceiling fan and air conditioners. Internet use is included in the housing cost.

Although the apartments are all the same, students have the choice of the number of people to share with. Prices for 2018 have not yet been updated, as a guide, please refer to the 2017 charges: For students seeking a single apartment, the price was $1400 for the three and a half week session. For students seeking a single room, the price was $750.

Jucati Room

In addition, students wishing more luxurious accommodations may request that the program try and match them with other students who also wish to share higher quality accommodations in the Ipanema neighborhood. As a general rule, two bedroom apartments in Ipanema will cost between R$9,500.00-R$13,000 (Brazilian reales – about $2,500.00-$3,500.00 US), for a one-month minimum stay. Although any such apartments will be reserved with brokers known and used by the Program Director in the past, payment and all responsibility relating to occupancy will be that of the students. In addition, of course, students may research and identify apartments on their own.

Although Brazil generally lags behind Western countries with respect to accommodating disabilities, the residence has a ground floor with rooms and therefore can be accessed by persons with disabilities.

Please Note: Students may reserve their own housing in Rio, after acceptance of the terms of the waiver, included on the Summer Abroad Application and agreed to by submitting a "Will Not Require Housing" request. Housing in Rio, however, is becoming very expensive because of the increase in tourism.

The FGV and the Federal Judicial College, where classes will be held, have wheelchair access. Unfortunately, much of Rio does not have wheelchair access, and as the streets and sidewalks can often be jagged and bumpy, wheelchair users will need assistance to get to the FGV and the Federal Judicial College from the Metrô.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the five credits provided in this course is $4000.00. Tuition and fees also include printed and electronic course materials, and the opening orientation. In addition, there is a $100 field trip fee. This fee includes a city tour of Rio de Janeiro, and a pub crawl, as well as a day trip to a federal labor court outside of Rio. Login information for course materials will be emailed in early May. The printed copies will be available upon arrival in Brazil. There is no need to print the materials before arriving in Brazil.

For additional information, including international student financial aid opportunities, please visit our Tuition, Policies and Procedures section.

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