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Tulane Law School

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

June 4 - June 24, 2017

Protecting Human Rights in New Democracies and Emerging Markets

Organized by Tulane University Law School in collaboration with the National Judicial College of Brazil, and the faculty of FGV Direito Rio


Bem vindo! Welcome!

 This program will offer students a unique insight into how the rule of law is created and shaped by judges, administrative officials, and other legal actors to address important issues faced by new democracies and emerging markets.  As the program is set in Brazil -- a country that was colonized in the sixteenth century but which became a fully democratic republic with the adoption of its current Constitution in 1988  -- this four credit course will focus on how this comparatively new democracy and important industrial power and emerging market economy is using the rule of law to address issues commonly faced by developing countries.  The course will include presentations by federal judges, attorneys, government officials, and other members of the legal community.  The program also will contain presentations from leading Brazilian academic and others who will offer candid assessments of the successes achieved and challenges faced by the application of the rule of law to these political, social, and economic issues.   In addition to classroom instruction, the students will be provided exposure to Brazilian society and legal institutions through field trips in order to observe and assess the realistic consequences of actions by legal actors and institutions


The program is designed to offer a maximum degree of flexibility for students to earn four (4) credits in the study of law. The 3 week program offers the opportunity to both profit from the intense study format and sufficient time to explore Rio and its metropolitan area as they wish.In past years, speakers in the Tulane summer program in Rio have included figures from some of Rio’s most prominent institutions, such as the Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography, the world-renowned Botanical Garden (a leading federal research institution) and leading non-governmental organizations. In addition, each course is taught with participation from faculty drawn from Rio's top universities.

Where a guest speaker’s work touches one or more of the substantive areas covered in the program, students will engage in collaborative sessions with their classmates. Moreover, to the extent that their own academic schedules permit, Brazilian graduate students and young lawyers in practice will participate in the classes and field visits.

In short, this program has been designed to offer students the widest possible exposure to the richness of Brazil’s most famous city, Rio de Janeiro. The program is demanding intellectually and professionally. However, Brazilians are famous for their ability to weave work and pleasure together. Students can also be assured that they will have time to enjoy themselves apart from their studies and return home invigorated by their time in (as Cariocas say) “a cidade maravilhosa” – “the marvelous city.”

Announcement Regarding Classes

As part of the Rio Program, students will have the opportunity to interact with Brazilian judges. In addition to visiting federal courtrooms in Rio, judges will sit in on classes for the duration of the program.

Program Director:

Professor Joel Friedman

Jack M. Gordon Professor of Procedural Law

If you have further questions about the Rio program, please e-mail Professor Friedman at or contact Ingrid S. Caro-Cobb at 504.865.5990 or





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