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3rd Annual Tulane Professional Football Negotiation Competition: January 2017 



The Professional Football Negotiation Competition, run by the Tulane Sports Law Society, is a simulated contract negotiation using real life scenarios and actual upcoming NFL free agents.  The competition will provide participants with the opportunity to sharpen their negotiation skills as well as their knowledge of actual NFL contracts.  In order to simulate an actual negotiation, the participants will receive a set of confidential objectives that serve as guidelines for the negotiation.  Participants will either represent the football club or the free agent.  Participants will also be provided with an excel workbook that will allow them to quickly crunch the numbers and determine if contract proposals will meet their requirements.  Experts in the industry will serve as judges for each negotiation and will conclude the competition with a discussion of relevant NFL topics.  The competition will be held annually in the spring academic semester at Tulane University Law School. 


 2016 Competition Judges 

  • Trip MacCracken (VP of Football Administration, Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Nick Sabella (Football Administration Coordinator, Chicago Bears)
  • Khai Harley (VP of Football Administration, New Orleans Saints)
  • Jason Elam (Partner of FW Sports Management)
  • James Waldhauser (President of Cousineau McGuire)
  • Martin Fischman (Founder of Fischman & Wiltz Sports)
  • Jason Fitzgerald (Founder of OverTheCap.com)
  • J.I. Halsell (Curator of NFLContractMetrics.com)


 2016 Competition Documents  

 2016 TPFNC Rulebook 

 2016 Negotiation Score Sheet 

 2016 TPFNC Explanations and Definitions Pamphlet 

 2016 TPFNC Championship Negotiation Confidential Info: Von Miller v. Denver Broncos


 Tulane Law students Conor Anderson (2L) and Kyle Houliston (2L) representing the Panthers in the Panthers v. Josh Norman negotiation.