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Tulane University Law School Moot Court


Intraschool Competition

The Tulane Intraschool Moot Court Competition provides students with the opportunity to individually compete against their classmates for the honor of being known as the best oral advocate in their class. Each fall, Tulane students compete in the Junior (2L) or Senior (3L) competitions for Appellate Advocacy, Trial Advocacy, International Arbitration Advocacy, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Negotiation.

The names of the top two Senior Finalists in each competition are immortalized on the marble tablets in Room 110 of the law school. This coveted honor is fiercely pursued by students their 3L year.




Senior Trial Competition
William Igbokwe
Derek O’Connor

Senior Appellate Competition
William Igbokwe
Marco Saldago

Senior Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition
Brendan Golden
Tyler Dunphy

Senior John R. Brown Competition
Jose Ruiz
Hamzah Khan

Senior Willem C. Vis Competition
William Igbokwe
Hamzah Khan

Junior Trial Competition
Jackson Smith
Anna Potter

Junior Appellate Competition
Catherine Nunez
Jay Jensen

Junior Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition
Marcella Lupski
Eva-Maria Mayer

Junior John R. Brown Competition
Emma Moppert
Marcus Pierre

Junior Willem C. Vis Competition
Morgan Wilson
Chelsea Crews

Past Winners:

Senior Trial Competition
2014 – Michah Zeno and John Richardson
2013 - Alexis Kyman and Editha Rosario
2012 - Matthew Horton and Molly Gilmore
2011 - Tyler Maulsby and Brandon Winchester

Senior Appellate Competition
2014 – Alex Fleszar and Ryan McLaren
2013 - Paul Shelton Nicole Schneider
2012 - Arly Smith-Pearson and Terence Wise
2011 - Brandon Creekbaum and Audrey E. Reed

Senior ADR Competition
2014 – Felix Rodriguez-Cartagena and Hamilton Wise
2013 - Laura Rodriguez-Bauza and David Whellahan
2012 - Brandy Gann and Lauren Newhart

Junior Trial Competition
2014 – Rann Wang, Anton Martynenko, and Simon Menard
2013 - Sam Lyddan & Erim Saringlu
2012 - Rebecca Cobbs and Alexis Kyman

Junior Appellate Competition

2014 – Arienne Jones and Anton Martynenko
2013 - John Mickley and Orie Tasaka-Jupp
2012 - Rebecca Silk and Nicole Schneider
2011 - Chris Stow Sterg and Gillian Egan

Junior ADR Competition
2014 – Elizabeth Houts and Benjamin Trachman
2013 - Sarah Guruswamy and Alex Dietzgen
2012 - Jennifer Gisi and Laura Rodriguez-Bauza
2011 - Brandy Gann and Erin Sanders


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