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Tulane University Law School Moot Court

Interschool Teams 


Appellate Teams  

Appellate Moot Court gives students the opportunity to prepare and argue oral arguments against teams from other schools. This form of competition trains students in the legal research and writing necessary to write and appellate brief as well as how to structure and argue a complex point of law in front of a panel of judges. These are invaluable skills for a law student to learn regardless of the practice area that they intend to go into. Beyond the academic experience, appellate moot court is great fun because it gives students the chance to travel and compete against some of the brightest law students in America
- Steve Sanders, Appellate Team Alumni


Trial Teams 

Tulane law students participate in a large number of national mock trial competitions. Students participate in several rounds of try-outs and students are chosen for the trial teams. Each competition team is coached by a veteran student and many of our teams are also coached by practitioners or Tulane faculty members. Team members work on their trial skills, developing their oral argument skills, proficiency with the Federal Rules of Evidence and learning to think on their feet. Students travel nationally to compete and many regard moot court as the highlight of their law school experiences.

 ADR & Arbitration Teams 

Members of the ADR Moot Court Team(s) are responsible for becoming familiar with all of the different elements of pre-litigation, settlement negotiations and mediations for civil matters. This can include acting as an advocate for a party in the dispute and serving as the mediator for the dispute. Tulane's ADR Moot Court team participates in two lawschool competitions during the academic year: (1) A National Negotiation Tournament hosted by the American Bar Association; (2) An International Negotiation and Mediation Tournament hosted by the prestigious International Academy of Dispute Resolution.

Tulane's ADR Moot Court team has built a reputation for being one of the top ADR Moot Court programs in this country, as evidence by the team's 1st Place Finish in 2013's ABA Negotiation Competition and the team's 2nd place overall finish in 2011's International Mediation Tournament (and the top placing American team). Professor Paul Barron, who is a licensed mediator with over 20 years of professional experience serves as the faculty advisor and mentor to the team.

2013 ABA Regional Negotiation Tournament, Louisville, KY 

       Regional Champions - Stephen Aarons & Clay Escude 

          4th Place - Katie Swartout & Rachel Fountain 

2013 INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament, Dublin, Ireland 

         6th Place - Client Advocate - Sam Ford & Sara Gruaswamy 

2012 ABA Regional Negotiation Tournament, New Orleans, LA 

       5th Place - Stephen Aarons & Clay Escude 

2012 INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament, Chicago, IL 

       10th Place - Overall in Team Mediation
         5th Place - Individual Mediator: Cory Grant

2011 ABA Regional Negotiation Tournament - Dallas, TX 
          4nd Place -Overall in Team Mediation

2011 INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament, London England           

      2nd Place - Overall Winners in Team Mediation
         2nd Place - Individual Mediator: George Stamps
         6th Place - Individual Scoring: Brandy Gann
         7th Place - Individual Scoring: Lauren Newhart 
         5th Place - Overall Winners in Team Negotiation
        10th Place - Best Attorney Client Team: George Stamps, Lauren Newhart

2010 ABA Regional Negotiation Tournament - University of Arkansas Law School

        4th Place - Overall

2009 INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament, Chicago, IL  

       5th Place - Overall in Team Mediation
         10th Place - Overall in Team Negotiation


Willem C. Vis International Arbitration 


2011 - 2nd Place - Individual Scoring: Ethan Minshull; Team advanced through preliminary rounds to the "knock out rounds" 

2010 - Honorable Mention; Megan Shumacker

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