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Tulane University Law School Moot Court

Annual Awards 

Paul E. Garofalo Award for Outstanding Service  

The Garofalo Service Award was established by the parents of Paul E. Garofalo, a Tulane University Law School student and Moot Court Board member, who passed away while still enrolled at Tulane. In his memory, this award is given annually by Moot Court to the outstanding Senior Justice of the Moot Court Board.

2012 - Arly Smith-Pearson

2011 - Virginia Murphy

Edgar G. Mouton, Jr. Distinguished Service Award 

2012 - Cortney Dahlgren

2011 - Brandon Winchester and Tyler Maulsby

Steve Singer Benevolent Practitioner Award 

2012 - William Sommers

2011 - Joe Ettinger

Leon D. Hubert, Jr. Invaluable Faculty Member Award  

2012 - Paul Barron

2011 - Herb Larson

 Order of the Barristers 


Andrea Holmes

Arly Smith-Pearson

Cortney Dahlgren

Jacklina Len

Jon Ferguson

Kaitlin Van Dyk

Lauren Newhart

Morgan Levy

Natalie Maples

Paul Riermaier


Audrey Reed

Brandon Winchester

Charley Rothermel

Ethan Minshull

Jason Corley

Megan Shumaker

Monica Lederman

Stuart Breaux

Tyler Maulsby

Virginia Murphy


The TLS Moot Court Board was your home once! We appreciate the contributions you made while here and hope that you would like to stay involved. We offer many opportunities for our Alumni to stay connected and contribute to the rich legacy of the Tulane Law School Moot Court Board. The Moot Court Board distributes an alumni newsletter to keep alumni abreast of current happenings. The newsletter is mailed twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Our newsletter covers things such as: competition successes, annual marble winners, the Mardi Gras Invitational and various special interest stories.


Alumni can also stay connected by coaching a team or judging a competition. Coaching a team allows you to teach Moot Court members the skills and strategies that will be necessary in order to win the competitions in which they compete. We always need more coaches in the areas of appellate advocacy, trial advocacy, and alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, judging a competition is a great way to stay involved without a large commitment of time. Throughout the year, our Intra-school competitions are held on-campus and practitioner judges are needed at every level. Each round is usually held on a weekday and can be expected to last roughly three hours(i.e. 5-8). As a judge, you will be provided with a scoring sheet for each competitor and important information regarding the problem that the competitors are mooting. As a special thanks for your time and thoughtful critiques, we provide dinner!


We know that moot court alumni leave all across the country and globe! We don’t want to leave you out and we know that you possess valuable experiences and wisdom that could help jumpstart the legal career of a Moot Court member. To facilitate this exchange, we have created a mentor database. Once you tell us you are interested in mentoring, we will contact you to get more information about you—where you live, where you have worked, your specialties, and special interests. Then, we will match you with a Moot Court member who is interested in having a mentor and who has interests in the law that are similar to yours. From there, your e-mail address will be given to your new pupil and let the learning begin!


To Sign-up: Complete the demographic information on the Alumni Sign-up Form and select those options which interest you. Thanks for visiting our website! We look forward to hearing from you!

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