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Tulane University Law School Student Bar Association

Welcome to the Tulane University Law School’s Student Bar Association Website. The SBA takes on many roles at Tulane Law. By clicking to the links to the left and below, you will be able to navigate the site and find additional information.

About the SBA

SBA is the student government organization of the law school and has representatives from every class. We perform three functions (1) we serve as an umbrella group designed to financially support student organizations and journals, (2) we act as a liaison between students, faculty and the administration, and (3) we create activities for students, including parties and community service events.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Bar Association is to foster a cooperative, professional, and diverse educational environment at our law school.

SBA Officers 2016-2017

SBA Executive Board

Executive President - Andy Waters

Executive Vice President - David Gibbons
Executive Chair of Finance - Jose Ruiz
Executive Chair of Social Affairs - Marcella Lupski
Executive Chair of Student Affairs - Manuel Guzman-Garrow 
Executive Chair of Communications - Marisa Andrews


At-Large Representation

At-Large GAPSA Senator - 

At-Large Common Law Representative - Bobby Miller

At-Large Civil Law Representative - Richard Morales

ABA Representative - Peter Hull

Diversity and Inclusion Representative - Claris Smith

LLM Representative -  Paulina Andrade Pacheco


Class Representation

3L President - William Igbokwe

3L Vice President - Conor Anderson

3L Treasurer - Kevin Watts

3L Secretary - Onsi Saleh

3L GAPSA Senator - Dave Shiwdin


2L President - Kerianne Strachan

2L Vice President - Lauren Looney

2L Treasurer - Colin Casciato

2L Secretary - Kirby Kenny

2L GAPSA Senator - Garrison Boyd


1L President -

1L Vice President -

1L Treasurer -

1L Secretary -

1L GAPSA Senator - Zeke Maggard


Honor Board

Chief Justice - Kelly Mitchell

3L Board Members - Michael GoldsteinJennifer Leaphart, Derek O'Conor

2L Board Members - Ryan Cordell, Drew Lafontant, Eva-Maria Meyer, Danielle Teutonico

1L Board Members - Jarrah Al-Buainain, Katie Davis, Charlie Draughter, Loree Stuck


SBA Committees

Dean's Advisory Committee


International Programs Committee: 

 Student Interviewing and Appointments Committee:


Student Representative to Faculty Meetings:


VITA Program Coordinator (two year commitment):


CDO Liaisons:  


Library Committee:


Academic Affairs Committee:  


Institutional Equity Committee: 


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