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TLS News and Press - 2004

Tulane Criminal Law Clinic Director Spotlighted on Law Professors' Website
Release Date: 12-11-2004

Wall Street Journal Quotes Tulane Professor on Baseball's Efforts to Curb Steroids
Release Date: 12-09-2004

Tulane Law Professor Comments to Associated Press on Free Speech Case
Release Date: 12-07-2004

Student Lawyers Win Louisiana Supreme Court Case; Statute Declared Unconstitutional
Release Date: 12-02-2004

Tulane Law Professor Weighs In On Fallout from NBA Brawl
Release Date: 11-24-2004

'Challenges in Iraq Today: the Effects of a History of Human Rights Violations,' November 29th
Release Date: 11-20-2004

Tulane Expert Analyzes Ramifications of Disney Trial
Release Date: 11-17-2004

Speaker To Recount Darfur Suffering, Nov. 18 at 5:30 p.m., Room 110
Release Date: 11-16-2004

International Wildlife Law Conference, November 19 & 20, 2004
Release Date: 11-12-2004

'Accessible Justice: The ADR Challenge to the U.S. Legal System,' November 11, 2004, 6:00 p.m., Room 110
Release Date: 10-26-2004

Tulane Latin American Law Institute Rescheduled, December 1-3, 2004
Release Date: 10-20-2004

'The Executive Branch's War Against Terrorism: International Law and the Treatment and Interrogation of Detainees,' October 25th, 5 p.m., room 157.
Release Date: 10-19-2004

Tulane Student Lawyer to Argue Case Before Louisiana Supreme Court
Release Date: 10-19-2004

'The Common Laws of Europe and Louisiana,' Eason-Weinmann Lecture, Wednesday, October 20th, 6:00 pm, room 110
Release Date: 10-03-2004

'Beyond Welfare: Antipoverty Policies for the 21st Century,' October 8, 2004, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., Room 110
Release Date: 10-02-2004

'The United States in the International Court of Justice: The LaGrand and Avena Cases,' October 15, 2004, Room 110, 4:00 p.m.
Release Date: 09-20-2004

Tulane Law Student Wins National Legal Writing Competition
Release Date: 09-17-2004

2004 Latin American Law Institute Postponed
Release Date: 09-13-2004

'From Plessy to Brown' to examine the history of public education, September 24th & 25th
Release Date: 09-11-2004

International Maritime Law Experts to Gather at Tulane, September 30 and October 1
Release Date: 09-08-2004

Debating The Proposed Ban on Same Sex Marriage in Louisiana, September 14, 7:00 p.m. at Tulane Law School
Release Date: 08-31-2004

Los Angeles Times Article Quotes Tulane Sports Law Expert
Release Date: 08-27-2004

New York Times Cites Tulane Expert in Article on Ecuadoran Environmental Lawsuit
Release Date: 08-27-2004

Tulane Corporate Governance Course Highlighted in Dow Jones Article
Release Date: 08-27-2004

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lectures at Tulane Law Summer Abroad Program in Greece
Release Date: 08-16-2004

ABCnews.com Turns to Tulane Law Professor for First Amendment Analysis
Release Date: 07-27-2004

Picture This: Summer Abroad in Toronto
Release Date: 07-23-2004

Tulane Law Professor Comments on Status of Class Action Reform in the National Law Journal
Release Date: 07-23-2004

Tulane Sports Law Expert Quoted in USA Today on Justice Department Antitrust Probe
Release Date: 07-02-2004

Tulane Professor Honored by American Bar Association
Release Date: 06-16-2004

2004 Latin American Law Institute Scheduled for September 15-17 in New Orleans
Release Date: 05-24-2004

Attorney David Boies delivers annual Gauthier lecture and urges legal reforms
Release Date: 04-22-2004

Tulane law expert quoted in national media regarding NFL draft and Maurice Clarett
Release Date: 04-20-2004

Tulane Finishes In Top 8 in International Moot Court Competition in Vienna
Release Date: 04-12-2004

Former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese, III To Speak On 'Judicial Activism and the State of Today's Court System,' April 15, 4pm, Room 357
Release Date: 04-08-2004

Renowned Lawyer David Boies to Deliver Inaugural Wendell H. Gauthier Lecture, Wednesday, April 21, 6.p.m., Room 110
Release Date: 04-06-2004

'Understanding the Reparations Debate,' Annual George Abel and Mathilde Schwab Dreyfous Lecture, April 15, 2004, 6 p.m., Room 110
Release Date: 03-22-2004

Solomon Amendments lecture to focus on invalidation of anti-sodomy laws, April 12, Noon, Room 110
Release Date: 03-22-2004

Cycles of Violence: Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse-How to Recognize and Address the Problem, Friday, March 26, Room 110
Release Date: 03-18-2004

'Asbestos & Toxic Torts With a Louisiana Twist,' Friday, March 19th, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tulane Law School
Release Date: 03-17-2004

Tulane Launches New Summer Abroad Program in June 2004 at University of Toronto
Release Date: 03-17-2004

Book Co-authored by Professor Raymond Diamond Awarded David J. Langum, Sr. Prize for Historical Literature
Release Date: 03-15-2004

9th Annual Tulane Environmental Conference, April 2 & 3, Tulane University Law School
Release Date: 03-11-2004

'No More Tiers: Contemporary Issues in Equal Protection,' Annual Phelps Lecture, April 2, 2004, 11 a.m., Room 257
Release Date: 03-08-2004

Tulane Law School Dean Lawrence Ponoroff Named Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy
Release Date: 03-04-2004

Tulane legal expert comments on the Full Faith and Credit Clause in context of gay marriage issue in USA Today
Release Date: 02-16-2004

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia To Speak At Judicial Independence And Accountability Seminar, March 9, 2004
Release Date: 02-11-2004

'Judging Environmental Law:The Role of the Supreme Court,' Annual McGlinchey Lecture, March 8, 2004, 6:00 p.m.
Release Date: 02-06-2004

Same Sex Marriage Questions Debated, Times Picayune article
Release Date: 02-05-2004

'The Rise and Fall of International Unification of Transport Law,' William Tetley Maritime Law Lecture, Wednesday, February 11, 6:00 pm
Release Date: 02-01-2004

Same-sex Marriage Symposium at Tulane Law School, Friday, January 30, 2004, 1 p.m. Tulane Law School
Release Date: 01-27-2004

U.S. Fifth Circuit To Hold Arguments At Law School March 1
Release Date: 01-23-2004

Tulane Expert: Maurice Clarett's Lawsuit Against NFL May Be In Trouble, NY Times Article
Release Date: 01-22-2004

Tulane Law Expert Comments on Patriot Act Secrecy, Times Picayune
Release Date: 01-22-2004

The Relevance of The United Nations Security Council, Annual Eberhard P. Deutsch Lecture, February 2, 2004
Release Date: 01-19-2004

March Is Diversity Month At Tulane Law School
Release Date: 01-15-2004

Tulane Law School Establishes Scholarship Honoring Harry Connick And The Late Anita Connick
Release Date: 01-06-2004

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