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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Sports Law Replay - 10/22/12

This week’s sports law news featured the NHL’s latest offer in CBA negotiations, Paul Tagliabue’s new role in the NFL’s bounty appeals, and the NCAA’s response to New Jersey’s sports gambling law.

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The NFL responded to the latest court filings concerning the bounty suspensions. http://bit.ly/RTqCNy 

A federal magistrate has ordered the NFL to provide the court with its documents related to the Saints bounty investigation. http://es.pn/XjfTzl 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has recused himself from the bounty suspension appeals and appointed former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue in his place. Mike Triplett argues it’s the best move the NFL has made so far: http://bit.ly/Rd2031 

The NFL says Tagliabue is not a neutral arbitrator, but the CBA doesn’t require that he be neutral. http://bit.ly/TqHxvN 

The UFL has postponed the rest of its season until the spring. http://bit.ly/T6b8nL

NFL Commish


The IOC stated that it would wait for UCI’s decision regarding Lance Armstrong before it decided whether to strip Armstrong of his Olympic bronze medal. http://hrld.us/T9HZhG 

UCI has decided to strip Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and to ban him from cycling. http://yhoo.it/RWz9lu 

Armstrong announced that he will resign as chairman of his Livestrong foundation. http://bit.ly/RFcDgT 

Nike and other sponsors have decided to end their relationship with Lance Armstrong. http://on.wsj.com/RSZwpS

Lance Armstrong


The NHL publicly released the terms of its latest proposal to the NHLPA in lockout negotiations: http://bit.ly/WmZQCB 

Here is the NHL’s explanation of its offer: http://bit.ly/Wz550w 

Is the NHL’s latest offer a breakthrough in CBA negotiations? http://bit.ly/QnIfDz 

Bob McKenzie details the NHLPA’s response to the NHL’s offer: http://bit.ly/RFoJGR 

James Mirtle on why the players won’t go for the NHL’s latest proposal: http://bit.ly/OIFa4L

NHL Lockout



The NCAA is attempting to block plaintiffs’ request for class action status in the O’Bannon v. NCAA case. http://usat.ly/TfS9gT 

Michael McCann briefly reviews the developments of the O’Bannon case. http://bit.ly/RGeOB2 

New Jersey officials spoke out about the NCAA’s decision to move championships out of the state in response to a new sports gambling law. http://bit.ly/RSvUJc 

Dan Wetzel criticizes the NCAA’s response to New Jersey’s new gambling law. http://yhoo.it/R8Zx9M 

Will the NCAA’s championship move from New Jersey hurt small businesses? http://bit.ly/Vv2oPT

John Infante examines a proposal for a more student-centered NCAA. http://bit.ly/RCBgLi 

NCAA Game Cover



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