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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Links - 6/22/12

This week was full of interesting sports law developments: The trial of Roger Clemens, doping allegations against Lance Armstrong, and NFL bounty appeals headline our links today.

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A federal judge has ruled that NFL officials abused their discretion by denying Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Andrew Stewart permanent disability benefits. http://on-msn.com/L69qiO 

The St. Louis Rams are heading to arbitration over improvements to the Edward Jones Dome. http://on.ksdk.com/MBnPYe 

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma walked out of his NFL appeal claiming the process was unfair. http://bit.ly/M6VCGK 

Other Saints players continue to insist that the NFL’s evidence is not accurate and its appeals process is a sham. http://es.pn/NJS9SC 

In response to the players’ claims, the NFL released some of the evidence it used in the appeals process. http://bit.ly/MoOCDh 

Exhibits 1-12 of the NFL’s evidence: http://bit.ly/NIXkDr 

Exhibits 13-16 of the NFL’s evidence: http://bit.ly/Nhe7rz 

The NFL Players Association responded to the NFL’s evidence: http://bit.ly/M76vLg 

The NFLPA hired an outside attorney to examine the evidence as well. Here is his statement: http://bit.ly/LxhXOE 

Former New Orleans Saints lineman Earl Heyman announced he would testify in court that the NFL is misconstruing some of its video evidence. http://cbsprt.co/KTYZk5 

Mike Florio questions the NFL’s handling of witness testimony and wonders if other factors will play into witness admissions: http://bit.ly/M0C749

Could the bounty suspensions be overturned on a technicality? http://bit.ly/MrCVOs

Saints Photo

Jonathon Vilma Image


The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has formally charged Lance Armstrong with using testosterone and other performance enhancing drugs as a member of the U.S. Postal team. http://es.pn/LKgsz4 

You can read the USADA’s press release here: http://bit.ly/MzMfQr

Here is Armstrong’s attorney’s response: http://bit.ly/KZHbJ1

Lance Armstong


Are the NFL concussion lawsuits beginning to change football culture? Pop Warner has issued new rules hoping to reduce youth concussions. http://trib.in/KvGBCO 

Alicia Jessop provides insight on the new NBA CBA from former NBPA Executive Director Charles Grantham. http://bit.ly/KFuYV3

An NBA security official has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma. http://on.nba.com/OrInlT

A woman has sued the Philadelphia Phillies mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, for throwing her into a pool. http://bit.ly/KFyrmG

 NCAA Logo


Michael McCann argues that Roger Clemens won a “total victory” in his trial this week. http://bit.ly/LtAgas 

Lester Munson reviews Clemens’s defense and its strong performance. http://es.pn/NLKTpq 

Darren Heitner provides a look at baseball arbitration: http://bit.ly/L0MJMT

 Roger Clemens Image


Jonathan Willis argues that the most crucial issue in the upcoming NHL CBA negotiations is the salary cap floor. http://bit.ly/KfAexk 

The NBA’s competition committee is examining whether to change rules to create penalties for “floppers.” http://bit.ly/LtDlY5 

Brian Socolow briefly examines athletes as owners. http://bit.ly/OklbpQ 

The Arena Football League (AFL) has reached a labor agreement with the AFL Players Union. http://yhoo.it/MiuP8u 

Kevin Carpenter examines competition law’s role in Spanish football. http://bit.ly/Nhb3vE

Senators John McCain and Harry Reid have sponsored a bill in the U.S. Senate to create a U.S. Boxing Commission in response to the controversial Pacquiao-Bradley decision. http://politi.co/KI7IKW

How has Title IX changed athletics in the last 40 years? http://bloom.bg/NIjB4h

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