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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Links - 6/8/12

The NFL once again lead the news headlines this week with concussions, collusion, and yet another lockout. Other news includes the Jerry Sandusky trial and Olympic branding issues.

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The NFL has announced that it has locked out its game officials. http://bit.ly/NAzeqN

The NFL will hire and train potential replacement officials to prepare for the possibility of an extended lockout of current NFL referees. http://es.pn/M5go87

Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled that the NFL can impose penalties related to the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal because they relate to off-field incidents. http://bit.ly/L1G8oo 
You can view Burbank’s decision here: http://bit.ly/LgY13d

The Seattle Seahawks became the first NFL team to receive punishments for excessive practice contact under the new CBA. http://bit.ly/LB1mrL

The concussion lawsuits filed by former players against the NFL have been consolidated into a single master complaint. http://bit.ly/MqNbVf 
You can view the master complaint here: http://bit.ly/KYqF9X

The NFLPA has now filed discovery requests in its collusion lawsuit against the NFL. http://bit.ly/NRo7d4

The New Orleans Saints continue to provide more sports law fodder – arbitrator Stephen Burbank will hear arguments about whether the Saints’s franchising of Drew Brees constitutes the first or second time he has received the franchise tag under the new CBA. http://bit.ly/KiLCrF

Stanley Cup Logo


Is there an academic impact to athletic conference affiliations? http://bit.ly/MbL5bz

Michael McCann provides a review of what to look for in the trial of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. http://bit.ly/NcJN5L

Ruling Sports’s Alicia Jessop reviews the charges against Sandusky. http://bit.ly/NFEnhh

The Southeastern Conference will begin looking into concussion issues to attempt to formulate a concussion policy for conference football play. http://bit.ly/NlqyHh 

The ACC’s new television deal with ESPN may not be the financial windfall it seems. http://onforb.es/L1LtMi 

Penn St Logo


Ever wondered how much money sports organizations spend on lobbying in Washington, D.C.? Now you can see the numbers here: http://bit.ly/MkBdkS

How has Title IX changed the landscape in women’s sports? Anne Moore discusses: http://bit.ly/M4bTut

London’s Organizing Committee is cracking down to enforce branding protections for the upcoming summer Olympics. http://bit.ly/KuvARd

Dan Fitzgerald briefly examines coaching contracts and arbitration clauses: http://bit.ly/KzWjfN

Ruling Sports continues its sports law article blitz this week with an examination of what it would take to replace the failed Women’s Professional Soccer League with a successful league. http://bit.ly/LtdhWE

Looking for some sports law conferences to attend in the fall? Check out Santa Clara University’s Third Annual Sports Law Symposium (http://bit.ly/KyyowN) and the Mississippi Sports Law Review’s Fall 2012 Symposium (http://bit.ly/Mrp5ti).

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