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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Links - May 18, 2012

This week’s big news was Jonathan Vilma’s defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Other sports news centered around various NCAA lawsuits, rules, and revenues.

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New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma filed a defamation suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claiming that Goodell made false, defamatory, and injurious statements about Vilma in relation to the recent Bountygate scandal. http://yhoo.it/KpFBL4 

Vilma’s complaint is here: http://bit.ly/JzwXOF 

Michael McCann examines some of the issues in Vilma’s lawsuit against Roger Goodell. http://bit.ly/LbHM3D

Bill Belichick is the NFL’s highest-paid coach according to Forbes. http://onforb.es/JGyLSH 
See more analysis on coaching salaries here: http://es.pn/KgqW30

Philadelphia Eagles tackle Jason Peters and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs may lose millions of dollars under the nonfootball-injury provision of the new collective bargaining agreement. http://es.pn/LbmVnq

Roger Goodell


Major League Baseball fired independent arbitrator Shaym Das, the arbitrator responsible for overturning NL MVP Ryan Braun’s suspension. http://bit.ly/JDDMeA

Former trainer Brian McNamee admitted in court that he lied several times to federal agents and to the Mitchell Commission about whether he had evidence that former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens had taken steroids. http://trib.in/KG1Q1X 

Fans have filed a class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball, DirecTV, and Comcast regarding the league’s blackout rules in local markets. http://huff.to/L3yd6X

MLB logo


Kristi Dosh provides a summary of current television rights agreements for college football conferences. http://es.pn/LqDBDK 
Chadd Scott provides an analysis of third-tier rights and compares the value of ACC’s third-tier rights to the value of the Big 12’s. http://bit.ly/KlgaNg 

The NCAA rules committee has recommended that the floor surface of basketball courts be consistent at tournaments or special one-game events in response to concerns that decals or logos affected players’ footing on the court. http://es.pn/Jekd07

In an analysis of college spending and revenue, the University of Texas Athletic Department outspent and out-earned every other college athletic program in the country from 2010 to 2011. http://bit.ly/IWgMF2

A California state senator has introduced a bill known as the “Student-Athlete Bill of Rights” to ensure medical, financial, and educational support to California student-athletes. http://bit.ly/JsCBCi

Adam Hoge chastises the Big Ten Conference for its confusing positions and for standing in the way of a potential college football “Super Bowl.” http://cbsloc.al/J01dxx

Laurie Fine, wife of former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, will file suit against ESPN for libel and defamation. http://es.pn/JjBzCc

Andy Schwarz provides data and some analysis on profit in NCAA programs. http://bit.ly/JddD9f

NCAA logo


The Louisiana State Senate approved a $36.5 million tax break over ten years for the New Orleans Hornets as part of the team’s new deal with the state. The bill now goes to Governor Bobby Jindal, who is expected to sign it into law. http://bit.ly/Ko3uVH

Grantland’s Michael Kruse wonders when major American sports will allow ads on jerseys. http://es.pn/JT1EfK

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