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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Links - April 27, 2012

NFL lawsuits, NCAA playoff scenarios, and NBA controversies were the major news this week. But there was a variety of other interesting stories as well, including Chinese soccer bribes and Australian football disputes.

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Hall of Fame NFL players Randy White, Rayfield Wright, and Bob Lilly are among the latest former NFL players to join the concussion lawsuits against the NFL. You can view the story and complaint here: http://bit.ly/IQl69O 

But Hall of Famers aren’t the only ones suing the NFL. A host of other players are filing suit as well, including Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Fred Taylor, and Ladell Betts. http://bit.ly/JYF8OH

Will Thanksgiving night football ads be comparable to Super Bowl ads? NBC wants to make the two comparable in price. http://read.bi/K3ZUg0

The NFL Draft was this week and Ruling Sports provides an overview of the structure of NFL rookie contracts here: http://bit.ly/KaRQt9

David Cornwell, Executive Director of the NFL Coaches Association, has responded further to the NFL Players Association’s lawsuit against the NFLCA. http://bit.ly/JN7qvs

The Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority are negotiating a deal to build a new retractable-roof stadium. The stadium would replace the Georgia Dome and cost approximately $950 million. http://bit.ly/Iakahw

NFL Logo


Andy Staples explains the issues surrounding the upcoming vote to create a college football playoff system. http://bit.ly/JvLSnU

ESPN’s Kristi Dosh explains why such a playoff would be a moneymaker for the NCAA. http://es.pn/I51Xjd

Florida International University denied NCAA basketball player Dominique Ferguson permission to contact other schools regarding a potential transfer. http://bit.ly/Ie4Bbs 

Ferguson has decided to declare for the NBA Draft after his appeal was denied and he was left with no other options. http://cbsprt.co/IdruLH


The National Basketball Players Association is now embroiled in controversy surrounding nepotism charges that Executive Director Billy Hunter unethically favored family members for employment and pay. http://bloom.bg/IfN1Pu

Benjamin Haynes discusses the “Choice of Law” issue that will play a major role in the Aaron Mintz v. Priority Sports lawsuit, concerning an NBA player-agent’s move from one agency to another. http://read.bi/Kh54ot

Alicia Jessop of Ruling Sports outlines the NBA appeals process for suspended players like Metta World Peace. http://bit.ly/IxSmRC

David Stern


Major League Baseball and the players’ association have agreed to end personal-service deals and milestone bonus clauses in player contracts. http://es.pn/HZxsjl

Albert Chen examines how big television deals are affecting Major League Baseball teams. http://bit.ly/HXULGJ

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18 U.S. Olympians have sued Samsung over a Facebook app for misuse of their names and images. http://es.pn/IsPHtf

Interested in trademarking your favorite sports catchphrase? Learn more about the race for trademarks on famous sports catchphrases and how to apply for them. http://bit.ly/IEKKAZ

Glenn Archer, Director of Stride Sports Management, is taking legal action against his former employee and Australian Football League agent Alex McDonald, who left to form a new agency and allegedly took 35 players with him from Stride. http://bit.ly/IkucKk

The former chief of Chinese soccer stood trial this week on charges of that he received bribes while in office. http://trib.in/JfKaoQ

Ohio YMCA officials are fighting a state bill based on concerns about youth coaches facing greater legal liability. If it passed the bill would require coaches and referees to remove an athlete from a game after showing concussion symptoms. http://bit.ly/JMJCqV

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