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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Mardi Gras Sports LINks

Mardi Gras is in full swing here in New Orleans, and Jeremy Lin continues to dominate the headlines.  In honor of Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise to the top of the sports world, he leads this week’s links.


The LINsation


Jeremy Lin Quick Facts:

·         Web traffic to NYKnicks.com increased 550% last week vs. the prior week, video highlight clicks increased 1,205%

·         Over the last 6 days, the average listed price for a Knicks ticket on the secondary market has risen 7.6% to $253.41

·         Even with the Time Warner dispute, Knicks average household ratings on MSG are up 70% since Jeremy Lin started on 2/6

·         Since Jeremy Lin's first start on 2/4, MSG's market cap has grown $228 million. Over that time, they paid Lin about $48,100


MSG’s stock price has increased from $29.32 to $31.15, or over 6%, adding $139 million to the company’s market value. During the same period the S&P 500 has gone up less than 1%.  http://onforb.es/yiXhq9 


Linsanity has reached the U.S. Trademark Office. http://bloom.bg/ynJ6jn 


The economics of Jeremy Lin could translate into $150 million by the 2012-13 season. http://onforb.es/xRYXr8 


Sports Broadcasting


MUST READ: NFL nixed President Nixon's deal on TV blackouts http://es.pn/z6RAgf. "The folks should be able to see the god---- games on tv"


The Federal Communications Commission sought public comment on its sports blackout rule, and most of the people weighing in are urging the FCC to scrap it. http://bit.ly/ymOstY 

Sports talk radio is going through a renaissance. The number of sports talk radio stations in the United States has grown by a whopping 64 percent in the 10 years since 2002. The reason is simple - advertising. http://bit.ly/A9yj8n 


The Pac-12 broke ground on a studio for its new television network that will launch this summer. http://wapo.st/ACBaXB 


Great article over on TheLegalBlitz about who will foot the bill of any FCC fines for rapper M.I.A's obscene gesture during the Super Bowl http://bit.ly/x6pXnv 


A fee-based component is coming to March Madness online coverage. http://bit.ly/yiADth   


Linsanity! Could the Knicks point guard put pressure on MSG and Time Warner Cable to end their dispute? http://nydn.us/zQ9tlp 




The price for running afoul of NCAA rules could be stunningly high if the association goes through with a plan for overhauling its enforcement process. http://usat.ly/xPLgOM 


The NCAA has waded into a war of words with New York Times columnist Joe Nocera. http://bit.ly/zKg0gD 


Joe Nocera continues his assault on the NCAA with a look at how the NCAA deals with hockey “advisers” http://nyti.ms/zVweDd


How likely are high school and college athletes to go pro? http://bit.ly/A4b67t 


West Virginia and the Big East settled their dispute last week; here is a copy of the agreement, http://bit.ly/Adc7Yz and an analysis by Kristi Dosh. http://es.pn/wMkVpG 


North Dakota's Board of Higher Education voted Monday to sue to attempt to block a public vote on a state law that requires the University of North Dakota's athletics teams to be called the Fighting Sioux. http://es.pn/whx1dd 


This week NCAA Division I members began voting on whether to rescind the multi-year scholarship plan.  Should they consider how future plaintiffs may be able to successfully assert antitrust claims against the NCAA if they don’t adopt the plan? http://bit.ly/A9LAKC 


The NCAA considers changes to $2,000 stipend based on financial need. Unlike the earlier proposal, the new plan would allow athletes on partial scholarship to qualify for a proportionate share of the extra money, if they could prove they needed it. http://bit.ly/wfNoct 


Kentucky basketball officials seek to end Anthony Davis 'wingspan' poster sales. A similar situation arose in the fall with LSU and the ‘honeybadger.’ http://cjky.it/zGbDTt 


Player Safety


The group of NFL retirees that was a part of the labor talks during the lockout last year has not given up their push for better post-career care. Judge Susan Nelson heard oral arguments Wednesday. http://bit.ly/AzraMq 

Insurance companies are rethinking covering concussed NHL players. http://bit.ly/zJdN0g 


The latest in the Minnesota Vikings stadium saga: http://onforb.es/AdApwP 


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