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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Replay

Friday Sports Links - 8/24/12

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Friday Sports Links - 8/17/12

NCAA issues take top billing in this week’s sports law news, but a wide variety of sports are in the mix as well.

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How are NCAA eligibility issues affecting college basketball programs? http://usat.ly/O3rf6c

John Infante reviews the NCAA’s investigation of Oregon’s football program. http://bit.ly/QjTlZ1

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) will not compete in football in 2013. http://on-msn.com/OLzqlx

Do we currently have free agency for college athletes? http://ajerseyguy.com/?p=800

The NCAA and Sonny Vaccaro are tangled up again. http://bit.ly/O7My4Z



Tulane Law alumnus Warren Zola recaps a busy summer in sports law: http://huff.to/NHOaaD

Lance Armstrong has released a statement announcing his decision to not pursue arbitration in his case with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency: http://bit.ly/Ozm7Y0

The Canadian Hockey League may have a players union soon. http://bit.ly/NYFAiM

Investigators have uncovered an elaborate plan by Melky Cabrera to attempt to cover up his drug use. http://nydn.us/Pw94HV 

Reportedly, the scam tricked MLB investigators into searching for Cabrera’s alleged steroid supplier in the Dominican Republic http://nydn.us/NdARyJ

Marc Edelman provides some preliminary thoughts on fixing sports agent laws and releases a draft of a new law review article: http://bit.ly/OIBLxz

The National Association of Basketball Coaches has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in favor of university affirmative action policies. http://es.pn/Q7PRbL

South Korea’s Olympic badminton players have appealed their suspensions for throwing matches in the Olympics. http://bit.ly/R5OGdC

Italy’s soccer federation has upheld the suspension of Juventus coach Antonio Conte for failing to report a match-fixing incident. http://buswk.co/PFTCat

Maryland’s Court of Appeals has ruled that former NFL punter Tom Tupa is eligible for workers’ compensation for a career-ending back injury suffered during an NFL game. http://usat.ly/PHaKOY

New Jersey is set to challenge the constitutionality of PASPA as it continues on the path toward legalizing sports gambling. http://bit.ly/NJja5U

Lance Armstrong


MLB Player

Friday Sports Links - 8/17/12

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Friday Sports Links - 8/17/12

Jonathan Vilma’s lawsuit against Roger Goodell leads our headlines again but there’s plenty of NCAA news as well. And don’t miss the NHL CBA headlines near the end of the links.

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Tulane Law Professor Gabe Feldman reviews New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s case against the NFL. http://es.pn/N07qKs 
Mike Florio analyzes Judge Berrigan’s stance, too: http://bit.ly/RifDRP

The NFL has produced a letter from the NFLPA with a sworn statement from Roger Goodell identifying the date on which the NFLPA requested a deferral of the Bountygate suspensions. http://bit.ly/Sth2ju 
Here is part of the text of the NFL’s filing: http://bit.ly/NK2RVn

Now Vilma’s case revolves around March 21, 2012: http://bit.ly/Srq801 
The NFL has sued insurance companies claiming that they have obligations to defend the NFL in recent concussion lawsuits against the league. http://bit.ly/MAOTcg

A suspended employee of Rosenhaus Sports has filed for arbitration with the NFL Players Association seeking more than $1 million in commissions and compensatory damages.

A woman who claims she suffered third degree burns at Cowboys Stadium is suing Jerry Jones. http://bit.ly/THFwYI

Jonathon Vilma


Marc Edelman examines the antitrust problem with the Penn State death penalty: http://bit.ly/N6D2ym

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged former University of Georgia football coach Jim Donnan with running a Ponzi scheme. http://1.usa.gov/NpBBMK

Former Penn State officials may still face charges related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal. http://huff.to/Q2OISP

The NCAA has taken note of the concussion lawsuits against the NFL and has created its own concussion page: http://bit.ly/NFXVUW

Tulane alumnus Warren Zola explains why Missy Franklin retains her NCAA eligibility despite receiving monetary awards for winning her Olympic gold medals. http://bit.ly/O3k5wg

A proposed NCAA rule would allow non-coaching staff to recruit players: http://bit.ly/Psn4Rb

What rules do NCAA men’s basketball coaches want to see changed? http://bit.ly/PnkfRi

NCAA Swimmer


Benjamin Haynes reviews the case against Connecticut and USA women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma. http://bit.ly/NFXVUW

MLB owners have approved sale of the San Diego Padres for $800 million to a group that includes golfer Phil Mickelson. http://onforb.es/RkvjUx

Michael McCann looks at how the latest news about NBA2K13 could help Ed O’Bannon in his case against the NCAA. http://bit.ly/OcsMob

A Texas Pee Wee football league has barred a seventh grader from playing in the league for being too big. http://es.pn/OkP0qK

Great Britain: where tax law and the Olympics meet. http://on.wsj.com/R3CgHw

The NHL Players Association has made an initial CBA proposal to NHL owners. http://nyti.ms/RNwCZA 
Michael Grange criticizes the proposal. http://bit.ly/NpAxgb

Darren Heitner examines the non-immigrant employment visa status for foreign professional athletes. http://bit.ly/NC0E1A

NHL Logo

Friday Sports Links - 8/10/12

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Friday Sports Links - 8/10/12

After a brief hiatus, we’ve tried to highlight even more stories this week. The NFL and NCAA dominated the headlines as usual, but sports betting, hockey, the Olympics, and even competitive cheerleading made appearances too.

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Reportedly there will be no settlement agreement between New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and the NFL prior to Judge Berrigan’s ruling on Vilma’s request for a temporary restraining order. http://es.pn/N7gsLp

Patrick Rishe argues that the NFL just wants the Vilma situation to go away. http://onforb.es/NEE2co

The House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith requesting that the NFL begin testing for human growth hormone. http://bit.ly/P8OH57

What do NFL players think about the NFL’s lockout of its referees? http://bit.ly/LMdkON

Bob Wallace examines the problems and possibilities of the NFL concussion lawsuits. http://bit.ly/M0LmhH

Will the concussion lawsuits affect fan interest in football? http://onforb.es/No7Tqo

How does the NFLPA fit into the concussion litigation? http://onforb.es/NTQUOM

Benjamin Haynes reviews the Ninth Circuit’s decision to deny Bruce Matthews his workers compensation claim against the NFL. http://bit.ly/NdbGu0 
Seth Reagan provides a briefer look at the decision: http://bit.ly/ONXCYv 
Here is the court’s opinion: http://1.usa.gov/TbmPfN

Laura Jeffords breaks down the dispute between the NFL and NFLRA. http://bit.ly/NZ7QGC

NFL Logo

NFL Official


British police have become overloaded with social media problems related to the Olympics. http://bit.ly/OBG1Un

The recent controversy surrounding Dr. Dre’s Olympic marketing campaign demonstrates the difficulty in policing ambush marketing schemes. http://yhoo.it/Q9q73b

Here’s a look into the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s role at the Olympics: http://bit.ly/Rn3rfJ

London Olympic Logo


A group of former Penn State players has sent a letter to the NCAA to appeal its penalties on the school. http://trib.in/ORwe9x

A Penn State trustee has also said he will seek an appeal. http://yhoo.it/NkwFaQ

Tim Epstein explains why challenges to the NCAA’s punishment of Penn State will likely be unsuccessful. http://bit.ly/N1vwKy

The judge has ordered the NCAA to turn over its television licensing revenue documents as part of the discovery process. http://bit.ly/QJ291g

The NCAA has issued a one-year football bowl ban and one-year men’s basketball tournament ban to the University of Central Florida in response to athletic recruiting violations. http://es.pn/QgscKf

Michael McCann examines the case of Ryan Sweeney and the difference between the disabled list and disqualified list. http://bit.ly/QVHZeU

The NCAA continues its crackdown on third party representatives. http://usat.ly/OCO7wc

Dan Fitzgerald reviews the transfer rules for Penn State football players. http://bit.ly/ODdu0V

Taylor Branch argues that the NCAA is the problem, not the solution: http://bit.ly/OEroQc

The NCAA has proposed a new penalty structure with harsher sanctions for more egregious violations. http://es.pn/PE7AYn 
Here’s a look at the NCAA’s new enforcement model: http://bit.ly/NfeR2v

The Minnesota Supreme Court has overturned a $1 million damages award against the University of Minnesota for reneging on a job offer to a prospective basketball coach. http://es.pn/N62yco

How do the NCAA’s eligibility rules affect high school programs? http://es.pn/NmxhwE

Dana O’Neil questions the NCAA’s inaction regarding the University of North Carolina’s funneling of athletes to non-existent courses. http://es.pn/QfhEYj

Ray Ray Armstrong, a former University of Miami football player, plans to ask for an injunction after he was dismissed from the team. http://sunsent.nl/OYhSGp

Could the NCAA be expanding into Canada? http://bit.ly/Q3yNUB

NCAA Logo 

Penn State Logo


The NCAA, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL have filed suit against New Jersey state officials over the state’s attempts to legalize sports betting. http://bit.ly/Qbvz1o 
Darren Heitner examines the case: http://onforb.es/N166ww 
Here’s a copy of the sports leagues’ complaint: http://scr.bi/MtB2pj 
Ruling Sports’s Alicia Jessop breaks down the complaint. http://bit.ly/NmubsD

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman stated that the league will lock out NHL players if a new collective bargaining agreement cannot be reached by September 15. http://es.pn/O7Mt5Z

Russia has won its appeal of an UEFA penalty imposed during Euro 2012 resulting from misbehavior by the soccer team’s fans. http://ind.pn/QjXi06

The World Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed the USADA’s jurisdiction in its current case against Lance Armstrong. http://bit.ly/OOYARu

 Competitive Cheer

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