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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Replay

Friday Sports Links - 7/20/12

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Friday Sports Links - 7/20/12

The Penn State sanctions, the Olympics, and Jonathan Vilma’s hearing made headlines in our weekly roundup of sports law news.

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The NCAA has placed unprecedented sanctions on Penn State as a result of the Freeh report’s findings that Penn State officials covered up child sexual abuse by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. http://bit.ly/OpAFGo

Here is a summary of the sanctions: http://bit.ly/MiPyeR 
Here is the NCAA’s release concerning the Penn State sanctions: http://bit.ly/NZ2EBT 
The NCAA also detailed its authority to levy sanctions on Penn State here: http://bit.ly/Obn88Z

Some lawyers are questioning the NCAA’s authority to punish Penn State under its rules. http://bit.ly/M7H6Uj

Michael McCann examines the legal impact of the sanctions as a consent decree. http://bit.ly/Pf3SYE

The New York Times reported that the NCAA considered a four-year death penalty for Penn State’s football program. http://nyti.ms/QmUCFa

Penn State is facing a legal battle with its general liability insurer which attempted to deny coverage to the university in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. http://bit.ly/NvOnNE

The Sandusky victim labeled “Victim #2” has stepped forward to sue Penn State. http://bit.ly/MMBWLG

Richard Epstein explains the cost of the NCAA’s vast power. http://bit.ly/LPoLoX
Penn State Logo


Lester Munson provides some background on Dave Duerson’s lawsuit against the NFL. http://es.pn/NwqeoA

A federal judge held a hearing on New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s request for a temporary restraining order that would enjoin his suspension from the NFL. http://apne.ws/N6ShXl

Vilma’s teammate, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, has filed an affidavit in support of Vilma’s contention that he did not contribute money to a pay to injure program. http://es.pn/O6GWuo

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith filed one of five new concussion lawsuits against the NFL this week. http://bit.ly/O8eZOX

NFL Logo


Kevin Carpenter reviews sports betting at the Olympics: http://bit.ly/MOmwXf

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will be at the Olympics to resolve legal disputes that may arise. http://bit.ly/LDfxSC

You can find more information on the CAS at the Olympics here: http://bit.ly/NFHvJp

 Olympic Logo


The sports memorabilia industry may be in trouble as federal investigators wind down another investigation into the industry. http://bit.ly/O0eHxR

The New York Times has divested itself of its holdings in the Boston Red Sox. http://bit.ly/OLM4jX

How are college athletes similar to colonial indentured servants? http://onforb.es/NuFJPt

EA Sports has agreed to a $27 million settlement in a class action suit claiming the company had monopolized the market for football video games. http://vrge.co/PIksxg


Friday Sports Links - 7/13/12

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Friday Sports Links - 7/13/12

The Penn State Sandusky scandal and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s charges against Lance Armstrong headline this week’s sports law news.

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Penn State Special Investigative Counsel Louis Freeh has released the report of his investigation into the Sandusky sex abuse scandal. http://bit.ly/M5ikSs 
Here are Freeh’s comments on the report: http://bit.ly/NrT4C1

The report states that Penn State officials concealed critical facts to avoid bad publicity. http://bit.ly/NOHaEn

Freeh described Penn State officials’ actions as “total disregard” for Sandusky’s victims. http://trib.in/NOvMby

The NCAA and Big Ten are waiting for more information before determining some form of punishment for Penn State. http://es.pn/Nopi18

What are the academic implications of the new college football playoff? http://bit.ly/Ngh2jE

The NCAA seeks to dismiss an eligibility lawsuit filed against them. http://bit.ly/Nee1lf
Penn State Logo


Should the USADA continue to pursue its charges against Lance Armstrong? http://onforb.es/NkFHqz

Judge Sparks dismissed Armstrong’s complaint against the USADA as a publicity stunt. http://nyti.ms/PQVMqN
You can see the dismissal order here: http://bit.ly/Lk2WT3 
Alicia Jessop analyzes the dismissal: http://bit.ly/Mg23fy

The USADA has issued lifetime bans to three of Armstrong’s former associates. http://bit.ly/NHxQC4

Nathaniel Vinton explores Greg LeMond’s legal battle with Trek and how Lance Armstrong fits into the picture. http://bit.ly/OWXghX

Lance Armstrong


Kevin Seifert questions the NFL’s evidence related to Anthony Hargrove’s involvement in the Saints bounty scheme. http://es.pn/MOzWDf 

English Premier League player John Terry’s trial has begun for allegedly racially abusing another player. http://es.pn/OP1sQQ

Rawlings has sued Wilson for trademark infringement of the Gold Glove trademark. http://bit.ly/LJWP79 
You can see Rawlings’s complaint here: http://scr.bi/LdUnV6

NHL negotiations over a new CBA continued in Toronto this week. http://bit.ly/NjSdq5

Jesse Spector breaks down a few of the issues in the NHL CBA negotiations. http://bit.ly/OSIIjt

Why is the Supreme Court reviewing a trademark decision involving Nike? http://bit.ly/O1mFlC

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has appointed twelve arbitrators to deal with legal disputes at the Olympics. http://wapo.st/Nki2GO

If you missed the 2012 Sports Lawyers Association Conference, Tulane Professor Gabe Feldman has released his notes from his sports law year-in-review: http://bit.ly/LAtS20 
You can also see our review of the 2012 SLAC here: http://bit.ly/LdRXFM

 Baseball Trophy

Friday Sports Links - 7/6/12

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Friday Sports Links - 7/6/12

After yesterday’s flurry of NFL legal news, the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal tops our Fourth of July Week sports law roundup. We also have a variety of links concerning recent developments in college athletics and other sports.

To keep up throughout the week be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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The Baltimore Ravens face legal action over the use of their original logo. http://bit.ly/MRbvBi 

Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in his franchise tag dispute with the Saints. http://bit.ly/LuZ2mZ 

A class action lawsuit will proceed against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the NFL concerning fans who were denied seats at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. http://bit.ly/M0R1Fq

Here’s a review of the San Francisco 49ers’ court battle over a new stadium: http://bit.ly/N8OXhQ 

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma sued the NFL, claiming that Commissioner Roger Goodell delayed his bounty appeal ruling unnecessarily. http://usat.ly/OdMCiW 

You can see Vilma’s complaint here: http://scr.bi/LSGb9R 

After Goodell’s decision to uphold his bounty appeal ruling, Vilma responded by amending his original complaint and asking for a preliminary injunction and that the suspension be overturned. http://es.pn/N1bj4g 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Vilma’s previously filed defamation lawsuit, moving for the suit to be dismissed. http://onforb.es/LRCZcD 

You can view Goodell’s motion to dismiss here: http://bit.ly/OdQFMj 

Mike Florio discusses why time is crucial for Vilma in seeking an injunction: http://bit.ly/Ovzo4U 

The NFL Players Association filed suit against the NFL on behalf of Saints defensive end Will Smith and former Saints players Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove, claiming their appeals were biased and unfair. http://es.pn/PdITXF 

Andrew Brandt breaks down the NFLPA’s lawsuit: http://ow.ly/c3LgU 

Ryan Wilson briefly reviews some of the legal developments since the onset of NFL “labor peace”: http://cbsprt.co/LVXTD5 

Here’s another review of the bounty legal situation from a Saints beat reporter: http://bit.ly/N0zhMZ 

What’s the NFL’s exit strategy from the Saints bounty scandal? http://bit.ly/P2Y85y

Chris Smith says that the Saints have become the NFL’s biggest headache: http://onforb.es/O9T7DF
New Orleans Saints Helmet


An Alabama judge has ordered the SEC and SWAC to produce excerpts of their broadcasting contracts in a class action lawsuit against the NCAA by former college athletes. http://bit.ly/P2oZyQ 

Duane Morris discusses multi-year scholarships for student athletes: http://bit.ly/NDkdll 

How does a football program’s success affect a school’s finances? http://bit.ly/MQlWrG

Darren Heitner explains why UNC’s new agent policy is extremely limiting: http://bit.ly/MFLZ5M 

The University of Washington also has a new agent policy. http://bit.ly/NG31LW 

The NCAA has upheld penalties on Boise State for violating multiple NCAA bylaws. http://bit.ly/MFTcmn 

A committee looking at Syracuse University’s response to sexual abuse allegations against former assistant men’s basketball coach Bernie Fine found the response to be appropriate but imperfect. http://usat.ly/N2TzUt 

Here is the report of the committee’s findings: http://bit.ly/LCpqeJ 

The NCAA found Pepperdine University guilty of failing to monitor its athletic program, resulting in violations in five different sports. http://bit.ly/LWGnP3


Other Sports Law and Business News

The latest World Sports Law Report is now out: http://bit.ly/Mv3Fkm 

Some of Lance Armstrong’s former cycling teammates have agreed to testify in the USADA’s doping case against Armstrong. http://nyti.ms/NcE91L 

Garmin team members have denied receiving any suspensions concerning the Armstrong case and did not directly address whether they would testify against him. http://trib.in/MBSrLR 

The International Olympic Committee has released its Social Media and Blogging Guidelines for the 2012 London Olympics. http://bit.ly/m30fuZ 

NFLConcussionLitigation.com’s founder Paul Anderson has announced the launch of a new Concussion Litigation Reporter, a publication centered on legal developments related to sports concussions. http://bit.ly/MFyDXZ 

Here’s the first issue of the Concussion Litigation Reporter: http://bit.ly/LSmsHf 

What is monopsony and how does it impact labor markets in sports? http://bit.ly/My8wBr 

Brian Socolow examines some of the risk management and legal challenges surrounding action sports: http://bit.ly/Lik2x4 

Alicia Jessop reviews USA Basketball’s marketing success under chairman Jerry Colangelo’s leadership. http://onforb.es/NDIYh3

 Olympic Logo

Friday Sports Links - 6/29/12

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Friday Sports Links - 6/29/12

From cycling allegations to the upcoming NHL negotiations, this was a busy week in sports law. But we start this week’s review with the NFL and the New Orleans Saints franchise that continues to make headlines.

To keep up throughout the week be sure to follow us on Twitter.

And be sure to like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TulaneSportsLawSociety


The NFL Players Association sent a letter to the NFL requesting that the league redo its investigation of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. http://bit.ly/LMFRZJ 

The NFL and NFLPA have released a joint announcement commending Pop Warner and USA Football for their changes to protect player health. http://bit.ly/MSEczK 

The NFL responded to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees’s comments questioning the league’s bounty investigation. http://bit.ly/KKTTdy 

The NFLPA has asked the NFL to investigate whether Brees’s lengthy contract negotiations with the Saints are a result of his work for the players union during the lockout. http://cbsprt.co/LAiD7O

Four more former NFL players have sued the league and six teams over concussions. http://bit.ly/KDIc3u

New Orleans Saints Helmet


College football will finally have a playoff. http://bit.ly/MBkJBv 

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 child sex abuse counts. http://cbsn.ws/Lt51Lj 

Here’s a review of the NCAA’s academic policy for recruits: http://bit.ly/MRSock


NHL Players Association Executive Director Don Fehr spoke briefly about the upcoming CBA negotiations. http://es.pn/LbHmMT

With the league’s CBA negotiations at hand, NHL players gathered in Chicago to discuss negotiation strategy. http://trib.in/LckcWS
A judge has ruled in favor of Glendale’s lease agreement with the Phoenix Coyotes. http://bit.ly/MYhlPR

 NHL Logo


Tim Dockery compares U.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO Travis Tygart to Roger Goodell: http://bit.ly/NVm36t

Lance Armstrong continues to speak out against the USADA and filed a response against charges he violated cycling drug rules. http://cbsn.ws/KDSJjM 

Armstrong also claims the USADA violated its own protocol in its doping allegations against him. http://wapo.st/KR40gZ



Here’s a good review of recent sports law scholarship: http://bit.ly/LLP41f 

Gabe Feldman, Director of Tulane’s Sports Law Program, provides his insights on the Jeremy Lin arbitration decision and Bird rights: http://es.pn/MSeJX9 

Want to follow all the news surrounding Title IX’s fortieth anniversary? Here’s a good place to start: http://title-ix.blogspot.com/

What is the future of the NBA’s eligibility rules? http://es.pn/LtQfQ4 

Jeff Passan examines Major League Baseball’s blackout problem: http://yhoo.it/NhtKiD

If mascot lawsuits are your cup of tea, here’s a walk down memory lane: http://bit.ly/N4h39V 

A New Jersey woman hit by a throw from a Little League catcher is suing the eleven year old player. http://es.pn/Kq9bzo

 Jeremy Lin

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