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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Replay

Sports Law Replay - 11/28/12

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Sports Law Replay - 11/28/12

While you were watching football and dozing from tryptophan, we were rounding up sports law news. So here’s our Thanksgiving edition of the Sports Law Replay. We’ve got news on the potential decertification of the NHLPA, plenty of stories concerning NCAA violations, and more news on a variety of sports.

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How effective would decertification be for the NHLPA? http://bit.ly/QjPwJg 

Elliotte Friedman interviews Professor Feldman about NHLPA decertification: http://bit.ly/R61FCE 

More on NHLPA decertification here: http://bit.ly/10IoaiX 

Matt Lundy writes that decertification seems likely to happen. http://bit.ly/TTKyia 

Eric Macramalla examines the loss of a contract year for NHL players. http://bit.ly/W2qktg

Here’s an analysis of the NHLPA’s proposal: http://bit.ly/UmFRQt 

Despite the proposal, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says the two sides are still far apart. http://es.pn/WzhX8N 

What role is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman playing during the lockout? http://bit.ly/TMUSZ3



David Pargman argues for allowing college athletes to major in sports. http://bit.ly/UM9zP5 

John Infante considers the issue of third party relationships in NCAA sports. http://bit.ly/UEGgSn 

How do NCAA athletes get around credit requirements? http://bit.ly/RNKd2G 

Documents released in the O’Bannon v. NCAA case reveal that the NCAA knew Electronic Arts made its products with the purpose of imitating the characteristics of college players. http://usat.ly/UztKUa

Nicole Auerbach takes a look at the grad transfer exception. http://usat.ly/YEGfgE 

The University of Hawaii has completed an internal audit and discovered potential NCAA violations. http://bit.ly/Tw5QSQ 

UCLA freshman basketball player Shabazz Muhammad’s attorney released a statement regarding Muhammad’s ineligibility. http://bit.ly/PUW0xO 

Marc Isenberg criticizes the NCAA’s investigation and treatment of Shabazz Muhammad. http://bit.ly/S3ByJq 

Southeastern Louisiana University athletes are in the clear after an NCAA investigation into preferential parking ticket treatment. http://bit.ly/UqkZd2 

Penn State has now approved a new athletics code of conduct: http://bit.ly/WgmFDv 

Reportedly the NCAA has sent a letter to former University of Miami players stating that it will consider them guilty if they do not cooperate with the investigation in the Nevin Shapiro case. http://cbsprt.co/T48nov

The NCAA has upheld the suspensions of two Indiana basketball players. http://cbsprt.co/TaAdzs 



Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will not face charges for resisting arrest. http://bit.ly/QblqIQ 

Andrew Brandt wonders what’s going on with Saints coach Sean Payton’s contract: http://es.pn/PRT7PJ 

Rose Bowl neighbors have threatened a lawsuit if the NFL attempts to bring a team to Pasadena. http://lat.ms/UIyLpN 

More NFL players have filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming the league recklessly endangered players. http://bsun.md/V2tzRE

NFL Logo


Steve Politi argues that legalized sports betting makes sense: http://bit.ly/TC6Uo1 

The United States, Canada, and Mexico have agreed to support a new women’s soccer league. http://lat.ms/Y1R8vz 

Marc Edelman gives his thoughts on the Miami Marlins’ recent moves and stadium issues: http://bit.ly/SWkdkX 

Retired NBA player Horace Grant remains locked in a financial dispute with Morgan Keegan. http://bit.ly/TUi9dX 

The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering stronger punishments for doping violations. http://bit.ly/UXrtCm 

Francisco Larios examines the ex aequo et bono provision of FIBA’s Basketball Arbitral Tribunal http://bit.ly/S8umgR 

Switzerland is considering criminal penalties for match-fixing and cheating in sports. http://bit.ly/RgYlF5 

Other celebrities with the last name of Armstrong have filed a class action suit demanding that Lance Armstrong change his last name. http://bit.ly/RYXfvI 

Reid Neureiter recaps Lance Armstrong’s legal war: http://bit.ly/W7YerR 

How might tax policy in President Obama’s second term affect baseball contracts? http://bit.ly/10GaGmI

USA Soccer

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