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Tulane Law School offers programs leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LLM) to eligible candidates already holding the first law degree (JD or LLB or equivalent). Programs are also offered on a part-time basis, as described below.The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) is a research-oriented degree open to a small number of students who already hold the LLM.

General LLM

Professor Larson
Professor Larson

Because the General LLM program is so flexible, both international and US students find it to be an attractive option. The program allows students to design their own courses of study, and students have tended to pursue one of these "tracks" within the general LLM program:

General survey of US law   Many students use the General LLM program as a way to study areas to which they had previously had little or no exposure, enrolling in courses in a variety of areas. Virtually the entire curriculum is open to graduate students, with the exception of clinical and Trial Advocacy courses. The flexibility permitted by the program enables students to take courses in virtually any area in which they have interest, emphasizing particular areas or not, as they choose.

International law, trade, and finance  Both international and US graduate students have been attracted by the opportunity to take advantage of Tulane's unique ability to provide education in this area. Students previously schooled in the common law system have the opportunity to take some of the civil law courses offered at Tulane, while students with civil law backgrounds may supplement their knowledge with common law courses. Students interested in this area might also wish to consider the LLM in International & Comparative Law.

Other concentrations  LLM students pursuing the General program have also designed concentrations in such areas as intellectual property law, US constitutional law, property and real estate law, and a variety of other areas.

Degree Requirements for the General LLM Program

The General LLM program allows the student to design his or her own course of study. There are no specific course requirements (beyond the three to four hours of courses required for all international students and the writing requirement). Each student in the General LLM program may plan an individual course program, subject to the General Degree Requirements for All LLM Programs.


For LLM application materials, please click here.

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