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Tulane Law School strives to create opportunities that enhance our students' practical skillsets in order to better prepare them for their jobs following law school. Through partnerships with local legal professionals, alumni, employers and law school faculty, Tulane Law works to supplement the classroom experience with programs such as Intersession "Boot Camp", externships, judicial clerkships and pro bono opportunities.

Intersession "Boot Camp" Program 

Tulane Law School offers a week-long Intersession for 2Ls and 3Ls, right before the start of the spring semester in January. The Intersession program is designed to be an intensive skills training "boot camp" experience, with the objective of helping students to learn the skills that will enable them to hit the ground running when they take on their first legal jobs. We expect that students who participate in the Intersession Program will, in effect, signal to future employers their readiness to practice, and we hope that employers view these courses as Tulane's commitment to graduating students who have the skills that employers value.

There are 3 tracks: Transactional Boot Camp, Pretrial Civil Litigation Boot Camp, and Pretrial Criminal Litigation Boot Camp. The courses are taught in small sections with student-teacher ratios of no more than 10 to 1, and each course will carry 1 credit. The classes are taught by an excellent slate of practitioners from both our local legal community and the rest of the country.

The skills boot camp has won Tulane Law School recognition in Fall 2012 as one of the nation’s 20 Most Innovative Law Schools by National Jurist magazine.  In 2013, the boot camp was featured in a story on the consumer education website Nerdwallet, see link to article.

List of Tulane Law School Intersession Faculty 

From the Civil Litigation Track: 

• “Overall, I thought the program was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I have already begun to recommend to other students to participate in the program. . . . I commend all parties involved in the planning and execution of the program. . . . Job well done.”

• “Overall, the program was a great experience. . . . [T]he program proved invaluable because there is no better training than actually doing the things we discuss theoretically in class. This class validated my decision to become a civil litigator.”

• “Learning the practical aspect of law, as opposed to the theoretical, was extremely beneficial. I feel as though this class arguably prepared me better for practice in a firm or other legal setting than three years of class participation.”

• “All of the instructors were genuinely interested in showing us how to do this stuff, giving us good tips that have value, and redirecting our work in a constructive way. SO GREAT to have practitioners!”

• “It was great. Really. Keep it. . . . I would do it again! Especially arguing in the federal district court – it still gives me goosebumps.”

From the Criminal Practice Track: 

• “I wish I could have taken all three intersession courses. It was a GREAT learning experience (possibly the best in law school other than Legal Research and Writing).”

• “I thought the program was very beneficial. It really taught us how to be a lawyer, which regular law courses don’t do.”

• “Wonderful inaugural course – I learned a lot about the real world practice of criminal law and greatly appreciate all the hard work and time that all the instructors, practitioners, judges and facilitators put into the course. It is a wonderful addition to the Tulane curriculum.”

• “The subject matter covered was ideal and offered the sort of useful, practical, real-world information I had hoped the course would offer.”

From the Transactional Practice Track: 

• “I feel so lucky that I had a chance to attend this program since I am a 3L and I think it will be one of the most important courses I have had at Tulane. The simulation of the transactional process, the lectures from practitioners, the teamwork on the assignments we did – they were a very helpful experience and gave me a good understanding about the future work I will do.”

• “I really enjoyed the program . . . Just getting an early exposure to the mechanics of transactional practice made me feel more confident about beginning work in the fall. I would enthusiastically recommend the program to other students and I hope the program continues and grows.”

• “I can’t say enough about how awesome this bootcamp was.”

• “This program was among the best experiences that I have had in law school. All of the practitioners . . . did an outstanding job.”

2015 Intersession Boot Camp

2014 Intersession Boot Camp

2013 Intersession Boot Camp  
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