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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Replay

Friday Sports Links (On Monday) - 9/17/12

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Friday Sports Links - 9/17/12

The NHL lockout is finally here, and so is a Monday edition of Friday Sports Links. We've got the NHL lockout news from the weekend as well as some other sports news from the past few days.

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The NHL, following the NFL and NBA, has locked out its players. http://es.pn/PGjgyH 
For more background on the NHL lockout try this article: http://bit.ly/Nv12Ql 
And this one: http://bit.ly/R8ENSA

Pre-lockout, NHL observers thought that Canadian teams might not lockout players as a result of differences between Canadian "labour" law and U.S. labor law. http://bit.ly/UaQDI2 

However the Quebec Labour Relations Board denied the NHLPA's request for an immediate injunction against the lockout. The Board plans to hear the full case at a later date. http://es.pn/U4v92f

Tulane Law alumnus Warren Zola provided some pre-lockout thoughts on the CBA's official expiration. http://bit.ly/USt5tJ

Here's a review of the last proposal on the table between the NHL and NHLPA: http://bit.ly/TXMjyv

Pierre LeBrun examines the rules players must follow in a lockout: http://es.pn/Pr12xr

During the first day of the NHL's lockout both sides began appealing to fans for support: http://reut.rs/Oxtq5P

Here’s a timeline of events leading to the NHL lockout: http://es.pn/PFmUZy

NHL Lockout Image


Former New Orleans Saints player Anthony Hargrove continues to insist on his innocence and spoke out about the NFL and the caliber of its evidence. http://es.pn/UTqoYU

Roger Goodell will reportedly meet with New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma today. http://bit.ly/O2iRrK

How might legalized sports betting in New Jersey harm the NFL? http://bit.ly/OSd1F4



How are the UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations affecting team operations? http://bit.ly/NQB1Xg

A 1976 NBA settlement deal involving revenues from future television broadcasts is under review in court. http://on-msn.com/OvT7OD

NBA Logo


Friday Sports Links - 9/7/12

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Friday Sports Links - 9/7/12

After a hiatus from Hurricane Isaac, we’re back to our weekly roundup of sports law news. This week we’ve got NCAA rules and violations, the NFL’s dispute with its referees, and the NHL’s looming labor lockout.

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A new NCAA rule change could allow college teams to hire general managers, similar to professional sports. http://wapo.st/PdfR5F

Should the NCAA consider investigating UNC again? http://bit.ly/MRlOcQ

Cal athletic officials have admitted to selling football tickets for seats that did not exist. http://bit.ly/UnygSb

The state of California continues its trend of advocating for student athletes by passing the Student-Athlete Bill of Rights. http://bit.ly/NQDib5

The University of Oregon will begin random drug testing all of its athletes. http://es.pn/TsXyPk



Darren Heitner breaks down the NFL’s motion to dismiss the master complaint in its concussion lawsuit. http://onforb.es/QFfN

Mike Florio reports that the gap between the NFL and its locked out officials could be as much as $70 million. http://bit.ly/OP6N7U

Could NFL replacement referees pose an abnormally dangerous condition under federal law? http://bit.ly/PYwLFD

Howard Wasserman critiques the argument that replacement referees will cause more harm to players: http://bit.ly/QhEToi



Mark Wilkinson discusses how a raised minimum age requirement could affect hockey: http://bit.ly/RhHZFe

Here’s an example of how restrictive Restricted Free Agency really is in hockey: http://bit.ly/ToakA4

John Buccigross interviews former NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly about the impending NHL lockout. http://es.pn/NdBHKS

NHL Logo



Here’s a look at the new American Basketball League: http://yhoo.it/OQcSRm 
And an examination of some of the obstacles the ABL may face: http://cbsprt.co/NbB9F5

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has confirmed Serbian tennis player David Savic’s lifetime ban for match-fixing. http://bit.ly/PNHS5y



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