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The Tulane Law School Sports Law program provides students with the background necessary to understand and handle problems unique to the sports industry.

Friday Sports Replay

Sports Law Replay - 9/28/12

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Sports Law Replay - 9/28/12

Our “Friday Sports Links” is now the “Sports Law Replay.” We hope you enjoy our review of the recent news in the sports law world.

This week was the week of the lockout. The NFL faced the unpleasant consequences of its lockout of officials, while the NHL’s lockout continued with no end in sight.

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The NFL’s lockout of the NFLRA is now over, but Judy Battista explained why replacement officials sorely tested fans’ patience. http://nyti.ms/Qtlbqw 

During the referee lockout, the NFL Referees Association released a public letter calling for the NFL to end its lockout of the officials. http://bit.ly/PwTbQK 

The NFLPA also sent an open letter to the NFL calling for an end to the lockout and claiming the lockout violated the NFL’s obligation to promote a safe working environment. http://es.pn/PeqEhW 

Warren Zola discussed what players could do about the lockout, including claiming that the league was creating an “abnormally dangerous condition.” http://bit.ly/OlLssb 

The NFL released a statement on Thursday, September 27, 2012, announcing the end of its lockout of the NFLRA and the agreement of a new CBA. http://bit.ly/QoYtjA 

Darren Heitner argued that the league’s position compromised its integrity: http://onforb.es/POylMA 
He later reviewed the lockout after it ended: http://onforb.es/PrsLPv 

Alicia Jessop evaluates some of the released terms of the new agreement between the NFL and its referees. http://onforb.es/QI7hy1

The NFL moved to block New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s requests for discovery. http://es.pn/RYeDwG

NFL Referee


Here’s a ten day timeline of the NHL lockout: http://bit.ly/RmEiC9 

As the NHL lockout began, players started to sign in Europe and elsewhere overseas. http://nyti.ms/QeGitD 

The Quebec Labour Relations Board dismissed an injunction request by the NHLPA to prevent the NHL lockout in Quebec. http://bit.ly/SmBL7R 

John Shannon discusses some of the non-monetary issues at stake in the NHL lockout negotiations. http://bit.ly/ROwj3b 

The lockout may mean the cancellation of the Winter Classic in November. http://bit.ly/RGDfPV 

Here’s how some of the early NHL negotiations went: http://bit.ly/S4CBMs 
How is the NHL lockout affecting junior hockey leagues? http://bit.ly/Uvbiqy



John Infante provides details on UNC’s changing athletic standards and the difficulty in changing a culture. http://bit.ly/ScXpvE 

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorpe explains some of the changes and the reasons for making them. http://bit.ly/SBGic9 

A new agreement between the University of North Dakota (UND) and the NCAA will allow UND to retain some of its logos mentioning the “Fighting Sioux.” http://bit.ly/S0Onr7 
Former Lady Vols media director Debby Jennings has filed suit against the University of Tennessee and athletic director Dave Hart, alleging that sex discrimination played a role in her forced retirement. http://bit.ly/TK8fQn

UNC Logo



Boxers Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are settling a defamation lawsuit filed by Pacquiao. http://bit.ly/VFfmqq 

The English Football Association levied a four game ban and £220,000 fine on John Terry following his use of a racial slur in a Premier League match. http://es.pn/PIhH1H




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