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Tulane Law School strives to create opportunities that enhance our students' practical skillsets in order to better prepare them for their jobs following law school. Through partnerships with local legal professionals, alumni, employers and law school faculty, Tulane Law works to supplement the classroom experience with programs such as Intersession "Boot Camp", externships, judicial clerkships and pro bono opportunities.


Course Description
Recognizing a right tells us very little about how its violation might best be remedied by a court. A single wrong might conceivably be redressed in many ways; by compensatory damages, punitive damages, preventive and reparative injunctions, restitution, declaratory judgment, specific performance, or some combination. The law of remedies concerns the choice among these alternative means for restoring an injured party to her "rightful" position, without unduly harming others in the effort. This body of law displays with particular clarity, and so will be studied as to reveal, both the potentialities and the limits of the legal imagination in redressing complex wrongs to individuals and social groups. Cases will be drawn from tort, contract, and civil rights law. (3 credits) 
Upcoming Semester Offered
Spring 2016

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