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Program Benefits

"The amount covered in a relatively short period was amazing. I truly believe that, although I have a lot more to learn, this course gave me a firm foundation to build on."

"We learned the rules, but more importantly how the Chinese think about the laws and how they work in practice, which to me, was the most valuable part."

"I definitely have a better understanding of Chinese law, structure of government, and the key differences compared to US law... I think just interacting with that many Chinese legal professionals gave us a flavor of how the legal system works. Sometimes, what the professors wouldn’t talk about (such as government critiques) was just as informative as what they would talk about. Perhaps the largest benefit is simply the connections made through the professors, as they were all willing to help us get in touch with professionals in the field, which may someday materialize in actual jobs for those of us interested in China not just as a summer holiday, but as a career."

"I benefited greatly from getting to understand a legal system so different than ours... In addition, the professors were extremely passionate about the material covered in class and took every opportunity to make sure I, and all of my colleagues were comfortable, understood the material, and participated in class discussion."

"Good facilities and teachers. The Chinese advisors such as Lauren were all very nice and willing to help us with anything we needed."

"The courses provided a good overview and introduction to the different areas of Chinese Law. The professors were very polite and more than willing to answer any question they were asked."

"The program was really well run logistically. The living conditions, meals, transportation, and general structure of when lectures and activities would be held, was excellent... We had a good balance of free time vs. class time... Prof. Friedman was very good at keeping us informed of any schedule changes, and attempting to fix any issues... Lauren was instrumental in helping the students find phones, subway cards, and generally just giving advice about what to do in Beijing. I liked having the “guest” students in class with us, it added an international element, and they often thought up questions for the professors that wouldn’t come to mind for US students. I also like that the program was split between two cities, it must have been very difficult to do, but it allows students two different perspectives of China. Also, the exam format was well designed."

(China Students, 2013)

Program Recommendations

"This program can give you a general understanding of Chinese legal system. People who want to start their career in China can participate in this summer program."

"I would absolutely recommend this program. The experience both in and out of the classroom has been fantastic."

"This is a very good program. I hope that Tulane continues to offer opportunities to focus on China in the future."

(China Students, 2013)

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