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VOLUME 86 | 2011-2012  

 Founded in 1916 as the Southern Law Quarterly, the Tulane Law Review is published six times annually and is a leading legal periodical that is managed and edited by students of the Tulane University Law School. The Review is recognized as a preeminent forum for scholarly publication in the areas of Civil Law, Comparative Law, and Admiralty Law. According to the Washington & Lee law journal database, the Tulane Law Review is the most frequently cited law journal in the area of maritime law by courts and other law journals. The Review is also the most frequently cited student-edited law journal in the area of international law. The Review has a significant international circulation and is on a select list of minimum holdings for courts and law libraries in the United Kingdom. The Review maintains a wide European readership.     

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Recent Articles in Volume 86, Issue Six
  • Hiding Behind the Cloak of Invisibility:  The Supreme Court and Per Curiam Opinions, Ira P. Robbins (Lead Article)     
  • Capitalism, Liberalism, and the Right to Privacy, Ofer Raban   
  • Advisory Adjudication, Girardeau A. Spann    
  • Note, In re Katrina Canal Breaches Litigation:  Upholding Freedom of Contract,  Erin Bambrick     
  • Note, With Adar v. Smith, the Fifth Circuit Opens a Hole in the Full Faith and Credit ClauseCassie Hewlings     
  • Note, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin:  The Fifth Circuit Questions Judicial Deference to Race-Conscious Admissions Policies in Higher Education, Katie McNearney   
  • Note, The Louisiana Supreme Court Affirms Health Care Providers' Freedom To Contract for Below-Schedule Reimbursement Rates in Agilus Health v. Accor Lodging North AmericaKara McQueen-Borden    
  • Note, Gulf Coast v. Newlin:  Reaffirming the Fundamental Notions of Admiralty Jurisdiction, Sydney Roth    
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